Nature’s Chuckles

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These are some of the things that make me chuckle in nature. They remind me of the David Goliath story, only that they are taking place in nature.

IMG_1424 Hawk & Blue Jay copy.jpg

The Blue Jay in the photo above annoys a Hawk repeatedly. It must have a nest close by to take such chances. His young ones are in need of his protection.

IMG_6750 Baby Grackle fights off Adult Grackle copy

Young Starling & Grackle

It makes me chuckle to see this young starling; only a few days old, fighting an adult Grackle at the bird feeder. He doesn’t want to be denied his next meal.

IMG_6753 Young Starling fights Gracklea copy.jpg

Adult Grackle & Young Starling

IMG_6175 Eagle a copy.jpg

This Crow chases away a juvenile Bald Eagle, he also possibly is nesting have close by. It’s amazing what these little ones will do when they feel threatened.

We too also need to stand up to the Goliath’s in our lives.

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:7


Timely Visit To The Marsh

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Some days you can visit the marsh and all be quiet, while other visits can be very timely.

Green Heron 0190 viv copy.jpg

Green Heron 

IMG_1221 Green Heron copy

It was a great opportunity to see this Green Heron in such a close way.

IMG_4288 Green Heron a copy

Early in the morning seems to be a good time, when they are searching for food, and all around is peace and quiet.

IMG_4313 Green Heron a copy

So Long Hooty

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So Hooty was the Barred Owl that frequented one of our trails this past winter. He, or She was given that name by a walking group that would see him just about every Monday morning.

IMG_5532 Barred Owl copy.jpg

One morning my friend and I went out to see if Hooty was anywhere around, but I took one look at the trail and I would not have gone any further, however another photographer that was there, seeing my dilemma, ran to his truck, got me a pair of ice grippers so I could but on the bottom of my boots. Then I was able to walk on the icy trails, and get a close look at this beautiful Barred Owl.

IMG_5733 Barred Owl copy.jpg

It is so amazing the length of time that Hooty would stay close to us. What’s also amazing was the focus of the photographers. Every one was silent, then at times there might be a low chatter, but if Hooty made the slightest move, the focus and quietness was back on again, in hopes of getting a flight shot. After thinking that Hooty may never move, he stretched a little.IMG_5713 Barred Owl copy

One Sunday evening, Hooty flew close to the side of the road and sat on a post close by.

IMG_4116 Barred Owl copy

The below picture is Hooty enjoying a snowy day.

IMG_5039 Barred Owl copy.jpg

The last two photos were taken a few years back. IMG_3832 Barred Owl copy.jpg

This last photo is the closest I’ve come to getting a flight shot….maybe next year!!

IMG_3859 Barred Owl a

The Story Behind the Bald Eagle

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Juvenile Eagle being attacked by a Crow


Eagle Attacked by Crow

I love taking wild life and nature photos, but many times I may go out and not see any wild life at all. If you are a true birder, you will wait for hours for something to happen, and that is something which I find very difficult to do.

On this particular day, we wouldn’t have to wait too long for something to happen. As soon as my friend and I got to the parking lot, we spotted this Juvenile Bald Eagle sitting in a tree. There are not too many Eagles to be spotted in our area and this was a very rare occurrence. For a long time I yearned for an opportunity when I would at least see an Eagle. Here it was today sitting in a tree. Soon she would start to fly around over our heads, as if putting on a show for us, with this crow chasing after her all the way. It was a truly beautiful sight to behold.


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Apparently this Mountain Bluebird is usually found in much higher terrain, like its name suggest, but just lately it has been found hanging out in the lowland and meadows of Ontario. Quite a rare sight.


Mountain Bluebird

It’s such a small bird and if you don’t know it’s there you can miss it. Me and my friend stumbled upon this scene… lined a quiet street and the occupants, about 20+ photographers appeared to be standing in a meadow with their cameras pointed at nothing…..or so we thought. We would not be the only ones to think that way. Two road workers drove by and stopped to ask, “What on earth is everyone looking at?” Then someone rode by on his bicycle and asked….”Are aliens about to land or something?” lol!!

I suppose it looked odd to see between 20-30 photographers and birders standing, and apparently looking at nothing.


Mountain Bluebird looking for grubs


Mountain Bluebird in flight.






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The above photo was viewed on Flickr over 10,000 time in 3 days

Some of the terms used to describe Sheep are : Obedient, Unquestioning, Conservative, Straight, Predictable, Unadventurous etc. On the other hand, Wolves we know can be Sly, Crafty, Shrewd, Scheming, Unruly, Wild, Unpredictable, Dangerous, etc.


Coywolf:  I will look at her, maybe that will scare her.

In Matthew 10:16 it tells us; [Persecutions, Discrimination, Harassment, Oppression… etc. Are Coming] “Behold I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.” So Jesus calls us to go out among the sly, crafty, shrewd and  the scheming.


Maybe if I ignore her she will go away.

When we live under the protection of the Father, Son and  Holy Spirit, we will be given the wisdom and the know how to deal with the crafty, shrewd and scheming wild wolf without causing it any harm. It’s not an easy task at times, but God calls every Christian to be meek and mild mannered in our spirit regardless of the situation that is set out before us.

Luke 10:3 “Go your way: behold I send you out as lambs among wolves.”


Coywolf On the move

Being meek and mild does not equate to weakness as most would think. God gives us His inner strength to deal with all our circumstances.


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I will meditate on the glorious splendor of Your majesty, And on Your wondrous works. Psalm 145:5


Eagle in flight

I’ll be trying a vegan diet for 45 days. The plan calls not only for proper nutrition, but it also talks about the health benefits of brisk walking daily and also the benefits of fresh air on a daily basis. With the cooler weather on the way I know that I have a difficult task ahead of me.


Yellow Legs

Yesterday I started out walking, not feeling too keen on it, nor was I feeling in the best of health. Somewhere into the walk something kicked in and I felt better as the walk continued.



By the end of the walk I felt much better, had engaged with other neighbours along the way. These neighbours were out raking leaves which then inspired me to go and do likewise.



By the end of the day I did 9,694 steps and 4.3 miles.

The pictures posted above are from other walks out in nature.


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Light House

Today I awoke to hear the sad news of people losing their lives while out Whale Watching in British Columbia. How tragic and unfortunate.


Whale Watching

A few months ago I got the opportunity while visiting Victoria BC to go Whale Watching. It was an exhilarating experience, and I remember thinking that even if we didn’t see any whales I still would have enjoyed the experience. I loved the speed of the boat and the freshness of the wind on my face. It was an absolutely wonderful day spent in nature.



On that particular day we would see four different types of Whales, so the Naturalist on board our boat deemed it to be a very successful outing, and it was.

IMG_8927 Eagle IMG_8941 Eagle

Not only did we see Whales, but we saw Eagles, Seals and other wildlife.










Killer Whales

So again so sad to hear of the boat sinking in Tofino BC with 5 dead and 1 missing.


Prince of Whales

This is the boat that we traveled on. We saw four types of whales that day the Minky Whale, Humpback Whale the Killer Whale and I forget the name of the fourth one.


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Before I took up Wildlife Photography, I thought myself to be a very patient person. I now know that this is not so. Perhaps there are many lessons to be learned from this hobby.


Juvenile Bald Eagle

Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap, nor gather in barns; Yet your heavenly Father feeds they. Are you not more valuable than they? Matthew 6:26

God wants us to have faith in Him. He wants us to believe that whatever our needs are, they will be supplied by Him. Not only are we to wait on Him, but we are to also pray “Give us this day our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11. To wait on the Lord does not mean that one will just sit and wait, it means that whatever we do, we will be doing it under His guidance, and in order to be guided by God, we would have to be connected to Him through prayer.


The Catch of the Day

My eyes shall be on the faithful of the land, that they may dwell with me; He who walks in a perfect way, He shall serve me. Psalm 101: 6 Only the faithful ones who serve God will dwell with Him in eternity.


Purposeful Walking

Freedom is our reward for having a closer walk with God.


Freedom to Fly

Scriptures taken from New King James Version (NKJV)