Nature’s Collage

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At first this challenge seemed most difficult for me, but then I realize that even nature produces its own natural collages.

The photo below is one that I’ve edited a little more than usual, to highlight the beauty in these river rocks below the clear water, that appeared on a very beautiful sunny day.


God’s planet earth with all its flaws, still have much beauty for us to enjoy.

Volume Of Water



Last year, spring time was a time of unusual dryness. This year, it is totally the opposite. An unusual volume of water has left parking lots flooded, marshes overflowing, and trees appearing to be growing out of Lake Ontario.

IMG_3015 Parking lot copy.jpg

Flooded Parking Lot

IMG_3013 Parking Lot & Marsh copy.jpg

Viewing The Parking Lot From The Bridge (Rouge Hill Water Front)

IMG_3017a copy.jpg

Marsh Overflows at Rouge Hill

IMG_3006 Tree in Lake copy.jpg

Tree Appears To Be Growing In Lake Ontario

IMG_3010 Tree in water copy.jpg

Lake Ontario Swells

IMG_3007a copy.jpg

Cliffs Eroding

The change in our local landscape is very evident, due to the volume of water that we received recently.

Daily Prompt: From Marsh to Meadow

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For a few years now Cranberry Marsh has been one of my favorite places to visit. It’s a very tranquil setting for man and for animals.


Many of the migrating birds use this as a rest stop as they head south, and then back north again.


Last year we watched in horror as our marsh turned into a meadow. It is now devoid of water fowl and birds. We are praying for rain and a return of bird as we hope that our marsh does not turn into an arid waste land. Things are truly changing as this earth heats up.



Photo Challenge:Water & River Rocks

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A Good Match


As I was walking along the trails one day, I happen to look down at the water, and was amaze to see the how beautiful it looked washing over the river rocks. I notice it was only like this in certain areas because of the sunshine. 


It looked like Nature’s Natural Painting….Hand Painted by our Creator…..


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A few years ago, I started getting the darkest of dreams night after night. On one such occasion, I found myself out in the middle of the ocean where it was extremely dark. I was not afraid because I sense I was led there by Jesus. At some point, however, Jesus disappeared, ( or I just couldn’t see Him,) and that is where the terror set in. I was sure the waves would cover my head and I would drown.

I awoke from the dream feeling a sense of foreboding. I would keep having these dark dreams, which always seemed to leave me out in the middle of the ocean. One day as I was reflecting on the dreams, and as to what they could possibly mean, the Holy spirit comforted me with the words to this poem, letting me know that the waters would not overflow, and that I should not be afraid.

It would be shortly after this encounter with the Holy Spirit, that my husband was diagnosed with  Colon Cancer, and now we were staring a big mountain right in its face.

God has led me into rough waters,

I trust Him; He will not let them overflow,

I’m never alone, He is with me,

He is with me wherever I go.

The waters are billowing,

But in this darkness I will not be afraid,

Others desperately avoid the waters

They will only come to the edge to bathe.

Burdens once heavy now seem lighter,

God has taken me over the waves

If others would dare to venture,

Jesus is waiting there to save.

The waters are high and threatening,

While I was in the rough, He did not let my heart break,

Nor did He allow me to weep.

He picked me up, He carried me over,

He told me the winning is straight ahead

Only doubters will retreat.

We made our way to the other side,

Where the gargantuan waves still flow,

In the safety of His arms the waves seem small,

Evil cannot stop me, even though He pursues and calls.


God did pick me up and carried me over the waves, for  in that particular year I lost my mother to a stroke, and my husband endured three surgeries within a year. Two of the surgeries came five days apart, with the second one being an emergency surgery, which was done on  Christmas day. I also lost my pet cat “Calypso” that year. Did I blame God? No, because in everything I still saw His abundant goodness. He sent many wonderful people along our pathway to give us the support that was needed at that very difficult time.