Proverbs Speaks Of The Prudent

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A prudent and far-sighted person sees the evil [of sin] and hides himself [from it], But the naive continue on and are punished [by suffering the consequences of sin]. Proverbs 22 : 3

The way of the [arrogant] fool [who rejects God’s wisdom] is right in his own eyes, But a wise and prudent man is he who listens to counsel. Proverbs 12 : 15

The [arrogant] fool’s anger is quickly known [because he lacks self-control and common sense], But a prudent man ignores an insult. Proverbs 12 : 16

Every prudent and self-disciplined man acts with knowledge, But a [closed-minded] fool [who refuses to learn] displays his foolishness [for all to see]. Proverbs 13 : 16

The naive or inexperienced person [is easily misled and] believes every word he hears, But the prudent man [is discreet and astute and] considers well where he is going. Proverbs 14 : 15

The mind of the prudent [always] acquires knowledge, And the ear of the wise [always] seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18 : 15


Juvenile Eagle avoids the Crow

A prudent man sees evil and hides himself and avoids it, But the naive [who are easily misled] continue on and are punished [by suffering the consequences of sin]. Proverbs 27 : 12


Crow flying in the face of danger


The Story Behind the Bald Eagle

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Juvenile Eagle being attacked by a Crow


Eagle Attacked by Crow

I love taking wild life and nature photos, but many times I may go out and not see any wild life at all. If you are a true birder, you will wait for hours for something to happen, and that is something which I find very difficult to do.

On this particular day, we wouldn’t have to wait too long for something to happen. As soon as my friend and I got to the parking lot, we spotted this Juvenile Bald Eagle sitting in a tree. There are not too many Eagles to be spotted in our area and this was a very rare occurrence. For a long time I yearned for an opportunity when I would at least see an Eagle. Here it was today sitting in a tree. Soon she would start to fly around over our heads, as if putting on a show for us, with this crow chasing after her all the way. It was a truly beautiful sight to behold.


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You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself. Exodus 19:4


Subtle attempt of the Crow to harass the Eagle

The above scripture is what God has done for me as I remember there was a time in my life when I was so steeped in negativities. I don’t know how it got to that point, but I’m sure it was by a subtle nudging from the enemy. Before long, my mind became weighted down with negativities. Even in my sleep there was really no rest. The wee hours of the morning which should have been a time of restfulness seem to be a time of great affliction. At this hour every problem in my life seem to come to me at lightning speed, financial issues, bad friendships, work, health; they were all there to weigh me down.


Crow still on the Eagle’s back

At this time I was seeking a relationship with God, but I still had my doubts as to whether He would really come through for me. Day after day I felt the slights of others, I felt my pain from bad health, I saw our finances fading, but in sorrow and anger I kept crying out to God. I kept asking Him when He would help.


Crow off the Eagle’s back

I don’t remember how long this torment took place in the wee hours of the morning, for I choose to forget it. But what I do remember is the day when Jesus showed forth Himself through the Holy Spirit. This I cannot put it into words, but I clearly heard the Lord say; “Leave her alone, you will no longer trouble her in this manner.” Something unexplainable occurred within and I was never afflicted in that manner again.


Eagle flies freely, carrying only a leaf in his talons

My torment of the morning has been replaced by the comforting words of the Comforter. He wakes me up each day, He strengthens my mind to seek the positive only. While situations do not always change, if we look at life through different lenses, we will see much beauty, where there was once darkness. Our burdens can be as light as a feather, or as in the case of this eagle, they can be as light as a leaf.