Nature’s Chuckles

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These are some of the things that make me chuckle in nature. They remind me of the David Goliath story, only that they are taking place in nature.

IMG_1424 Hawk & Blue Jay copy.jpg

The Blue Jay in the photo above annoys a Hawk repeatedly. It must have a nest close by to take such chances. His young ones are in need of his protection.

IMG_6750 Baby Grackle fights off Adult Grackle copy

Young Starling & Grackle

It makes me chuckle to see this young starling; only a few days old, fighting an adult Grackle at the bird feeder. He doesn’t want to be denied his next meal.

IMG_6753 Young Starling fights Gracklea copy.jpg

Adult Grackle & Young Starling

IMG_6175 Eagle a copy.jpg

This Crow chases away a juvenile Bald Eagle, he also possibly is nesting have close by. It’s amazing what these little ones will do when they feel threatened.

We too also need to stand up to the Goliath’s in our lives.

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:7



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It’s a very dull rainy day today….BUT, I can finally see the lawn turning green, and my spring flowers poking their heads through my rock garden.

With joy I await the return of butterflies and birds to our area.

IMG_3112 Butterfliesa

This photo was taken in the fall as the Butterflies waited for a wind to take them out over Lake Ontario.

Swarming Starlings

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IMG_9056 Starlings copy.jpg

Springtime is almost here and with it will come the Swarming Starlings. For about a few years now I have been attracting birds to my backyard.

IMG_6942 Starlings copy.jpg

However after last year’s dilemma, I’m trying to decide whether to play hostess to the starlings again, for not only do they swarm….they screech, squabble and when all the food is finished they will stalk you  from a nearby tree, waiting for more to be replenish.

IMG_6751 Baby Starling & Gracklea copy

This young babe takes on an adult Grackle. They seem to be born fighters ready to fight any of the other birds, and also their own.IMG_7499a copy.jpg

At this young age they try to eat anything, including my Zinnias, while waiting to get food from a parent.





Daily Prompt: Human and Animal Instinct

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Within us humans, God has place an instinct or the know-how to take care of our young ones.

The animals also know what to do and how to take care of their young ones.

LS Doe & Fawn f - Copy copy.jpg


God’s creativity never ceases to amaze me.





Daily Post Prompt: The Courting Cardinals

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About two springs ago, I got to witness this most juicy and intriguing event right from my kitchen window.


I wasn’t quite sure what was happening at the time, but soon came to realize that I was watching the courtship between two Cardinals. The male Cardinal would fly to the feeder, fetch a seed, and then back to the female that he was trying to attract and offer her the finest sunflower seed he had found.


After his prospect had accepted the seed, I’m sure it made the male Cardinal feel spectacular giving him the hope that there was more to come.


The two lingered for a while beak to beak before the male flew off once again to fetch his mate another seed.


Well the courtship is now over. I’m not sure if Mrs. Cardinal knew what she was in for.


I see her and her alone, busy taking apart my coco liners as she flies off to make a home for her and Mr. Cardinal.


It all seemed to work out in the end, because when it came to the feeding time,

Cardinalsaa #7.jpg

It was only Mr. Cardinal I would see doing this job. So in the end they both played a very important part, in the rearing of the young cardinal.

It’s amazing the instinct that has been placed in man and in all animals, the instinct to love, to care and to share. It’s so nice to see these positive instincts being used.

And that is my juicy tale about “The Courting Cardinals.”

Leola Durant


My Creator’s Creatures

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Bye, Bye Summer & Beautiful Backyard Birdies of 2016


Robin Red Breast was the first to arrive, eating the seeds from my sumac.


This Squirrel partially destroyed my window boxes to make its nest.


This House Finch was a frequent visitor to the bird feeder


Adult Starling finds a spot to bring its young.


Starlings fighting each other for a spot at the bird feeder


Starling not backing down from the Grackle


Starlings seem to be Born Fighters, as this one fights a Grackle.


Backyard Party


Two young Starlings among the Zinnias

IMG_4923 Doves copy

These two Doves found the deck a nice place to mate.


Mating Doves earlier this Spring


This little Chipmunk loves Safflowers, he would come and call, and wait for Safflowers.

IMG_6449 Gold Fincha copy

Gold Finch feasting on my Zinnias