Peace: How I Know These Two Places Both Offer Peace

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Places That Offer Peace:

Peace of mind can certainly be felt when walking along a mostly secluded beach, looking at the expanse of the ocean. I also find a sense of tranquility when in a place surrounded by mountains.

I write this regarding the daily prompt: Beach or mountains? Which do you prefer? Why?

A Walk Along The Beach:

Walking along the beach and just listening to the waves as they roll in and out can be rather soothing. And of course, finding little treasures in sea shells and stones and sea glass. I did mention broken sea glass in a recent post, and for those who didn’t read it, below is a poem I wrote about it.

A sense of peace can be felt, just by viewing the mountain landscape.

Peace And Beauty On The Beach:

While on vacation, I was walking along the beach when I noticed something glistening in the water. It was beautiful and it sparkled, and I thought it looked like something precious. My friend told me what I was looking at was Broken Sea Glass and that people collected it to make jewelry. I knew I wouldn’t make jewelry with it, but I spent my time at the beach collecting it, and I would hang on to it as one would hang on to precious metal.

Peace in the valley known as the Fraser Valley

The Holy Spirit Enlightens:

On returning home from my vacation, I was sitting looking at the pieces of Broken Sea Glass wondering what I would do with them, when the Holy Spirit enlightened my mind. He told me that this beautiful piece of glass which now looked like a jewel, was once sharp and very dangerous. It was only because it was tossed roughly back and forth by the waves and pushed up against the sand, that its beauty was brought out. The Holy Spirit also made known that this is what He wants for His children if we would only allow Him.

God Wants To Grant Us Peace:

God wants to smooth out our rough edges and make us sparkle, however, the refining process is not an easy one. We too like the Broken Sea Glass would have to be tossed and turned, pruned and chastened. While the Broken Sea glass is a willing object, we usually fight the Refining Process. I would later write a poem called Broken Sea Glass.


Walking on broken sea glass

Yet not a shard penetrates the skin.

In the midst of the Refiner’s Fire

Clinging to God desperately, as He purifies me of my sin.

Each piece of glass is different,

Alone disharmony, but together they beautify.

Marked as worthless and thrown away,

Only to be caught by the keenness of His eye.

Tossed and tumbled by the roaring sea,

Its roughness makes the sharpness smooth.

Chastened and comforted by the Master,

We are His children, the ones He longs to woo.

Walking on Broken Sea Glass,

Sharp edges now smooth.

Nature has turned.

Scorching heat from the Refiner’s Fire,

Soon there will be a cooling,

For which we long and yearn.

Washed up on the sea shore pure and clean,

Pushed back again by turbulent waves.

God chastens whom He loves,

The Master aims to save.

Sharp glass now easy to handle,

The turbulence of the ocean has softened

Instead of running from the Refiner’s Fire,

We should learn to seek it often.

The smooth glass in many colors,

Is now a beauty to behold.

God seeks to take our tarnished crowns,

And replace them with ones of gold.

Broken and discarded, tossed away,

Nothing of worth to which one would rave.

The Father saw our brokenness,

And so He sent His only Son to save.

The Beach And The Mountains:

There are many Scriptures referring to mountains in the Bible, and here is one of them:

Your righteousness is like the great mountains; Your judgments are a great deep; O Lord, You preserve man and beast. Psalm 36:6

Much is also said about water, which can be found in abundance at the beach.

The voice of the Lord is over the waters; The God of glory thunders; The Lord is over many waters. Psalm 29:3

Wherever I am, on a beach or a mountain, God’s peace can be found there.

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    1. Yes, as flawed as the world is, there still remains much beauty. Thanks for reading and commenting Miriam.

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