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What’s the trait you value most about yourself?

The Traits Others See In Me:

I know the trait I value most, but I wanted to see what others saw in me. I read my husband a list and asked him which ones applied to me. The traits he chose were 1 Creativity, 2 Loyal, and 3 Humble.

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The Trait I Value Most:

However, one of the traits I value most is that of being meek. And I would love to think that others also saw me that way.

I value this trait because God says: Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

Of course, God is not speaking of this earth as we know it, but He is referring to the new and eternal earth.

If you consider yourself to be meek in spirit, you are headed for good things in the sight of the Lord.

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