5 Places To See The Autumn Colors In Ontario

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Autumn Colours:

If you are not from Ontario and plan on visiting in the autumn, you will see autumn colors. And you wouldn’t even have to go far because autumn colors can be seen everywhere.

However, it is nice to visit some of the parks to take in the colors of autumn.

1 Bancroft Ontario:

The drive through Bancroft was very scenic. And when it was safe to do so, we would pull off to the shoulder of the road to take a quick photo. Or take from the much safer car.

Autumn colours seen in Bancroft Ontario
Bancroft Ontario

On our way to Algonquin Provincial Park, we saw some spectacular views from the roadside. Algonquin is quite a busy place at this time of the year because it’s a favorite place to take in the fall colors.

2 Algonquin Provincial Park Shows Autumn Colors:

Reflections of Autumn Colours at Canoe Lake
Canoe Lake
Autumn Colours at Canoe Lake
Reflections Of Autumn Colors

If you plan to take in the fall colors at Algonquin, you should secure your pass. If you do not get your day pass first, you may not be admitted into the park.

Another tip would be to plan to stay overnight because it is just too much to fit into a few hours.

Autumn Colors Outside Algonquin Park Visitors Centre
The Road Outside The Visiting Centre

If you are staying in Toronto, be prepared for a three-hour drive if going to Algonquin Provincial Park. It will be a full-day adventure. And I might add, it’s a great place to visit any time of the year.

Mew Lake Trail showing autumn colors.
Mew Lake Trail

These are last year’s autumn colors. And we missed the peak, as most of the red leaves were already gone.

Loons enjoying the reflections of autumn colours in the water.
Loons Enjoying The Autumn Colours

The yellow and orange from the trees are reflected in the water.

3 Dorset Lookout:

Dorset Lookout is another great place to take in the autumn colors. They have a tower, and if you can climb the steps to the top, you will see for miles.

Autumn Colours At Dorset Lookout
Autumn Colours At Dorset Lookout
Autumn Colours On The Forrest Floor
Autumn Colours At Dorset Lookout
The Dorset Lookout
The Dorset Lookout

The autumn colors are a bit past peak, as the reds are almost gone.

4 Port Sydney Autumn Colors:

By driving and observing, you will find places for photo opportunities. We had no directions for some of the places we saw. You can go for a drive and stop when you like.

Muskoka River And Autumn Colors
Muskoka River And Autumn Colors

5 Minden And Autumn Colours:

The drive through Minden was also filled with autumn colors.

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    1. Yes, it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m alway hoping to see a moose or some wild animal…. from a safe distance.

  1. You certainty captured the beauty and splendour of the Autumn 🍂season, my favourite time of the year in Canada! Gorgeous photos!

      1. Yes, I like how the colours brighten up even cloudy and rainy days.

    1. It depends on where you are in the country. Northern Ontario is now peaking, but not so in Southern Ontario. These are last year’s photos taken in the middle of Oct. in Northern Ontario. I missed the peak, so I’m going to try to catch it this year.

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