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What things give you energy?

Physical Energy:

My physical energy comes from getting a proper night’s rest. Along with the night’s rest, nourishing food and plenty of water are needed. And when I do simple exercise, I feel more energized.

Going in to nature enhances my energy.

Good Mental Well Being Enhances Energy:

Lots of fresh air and just being in nature relaxes me. And as well as my body being energized, my mind is filled with positive energy.

Spiritually Being Filled Is A Great Energy Booster:

As a result of being connected to the Lord, I will also pray and ask Him to give me the energy to get through each day. I do this very often, but I feel His strengthening the most when I’m at my weakest. And then I know that God is carrying me.

Water also fills me with energy, physically, mentally and Spiritually.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


To be full of energy, I need to not only take care of the physical. But I also need to look after the mental and the Spiritual.

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    1. Thanks so much Lisa. That photo with the fall leaves was taken deep in the forest as I looked for lichens and mushrooms to take photos of.

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