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Write about your most epic baking or cooking fail.

Epic Baking Fail:

My most epic baking failure is one I will never forget, and I will never forget it, as it taught me a valuable lesson.

Baking is not one of the things I do often, but since I try to avoid processed sugar, I was led to bake my dessert. The oral surgeon I go to had informed me about a sweetener called xylitol, and I was happy to try it out.

My Epic Macaroon Baking Fail:

I decided to make some macaroons, which is quite an easy recipe. I mixed coconut milk with my shredded coconut and added my xylitol (sweetener.) Because xylitol was safe to use, I decided to add a bit extra.

While they are not the ones that I made, these macaroons are representative of my epic fail in baking.
Macaroons (Not the ones I Actually made)

I was delighted to see my finished product because I made it myself, and it looked so delicious.

I was also happy to see there were quite a few. So I froze them so they would last for a while.

A few days later, after having dinner, I decided on a couple of macaroons. I popped one in my mouth and was horrified by the taste.

Instead of tasting sweet, it tasted very salty.

Fooled By Similarities:

The xylitol and sea salt had been in plastic bags, and I had chosen the wrong one to sweeten my macaroons. It hurt, but I had to throw them all away. Next time, I will learn to be more careful when choosing.

Spiritual Deception:

There are also Spiritual deceptions we need to look out for. They were deceptions that took place in the Garden of Eden.

God told Eve one thing, and the enemy told her another. As a result, we now face death and sorrow.

Before Jesus returns to this earth, He has warned us to be on alert for more deceptions. He said this so that you and I will not be fooled by false prophets.

Jesus said that the deceptions could be so hard to detect that even His followers could be misled.

For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Matthew 24:24

In the same way, we have epic fails in our day-to-day lives, we also have to look out for them in our Spiritual lives, where they can be even more harmful.

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  1. I tried these a couple of times. I wouldn’t say they were a complete fail, but they were not fully a success either. The culprit, not mixing machine, I did it with a hand mixer so my peaks didn’t get as stiff as necessary. All in, I would love to try these again and see what happens.

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