Why My Favorite Types Of Foods Are In The Past

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What are your favorite types of foods?

Types Of Foods:

My favorite foods are all in the past. I loved any foods made from dairy, and I also loved anything sweet. Undoubtedly, foods made with cheese were a big hit. And sweet foods were a bonus.

As I grew older, my health took a hit. And I ended up with many health issues. Besides having a lot of pain, I never considered my diet until someone older and wiser suggested I should see how I felt after eating certain foods.

I didn’t think the foods I ate would hurt my health. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try. Despite my doubts, I was surprised my pain worsened after eating anything sweet.

I also found that after eating foods with dairy, my sinuses were decidedly worse.

Roasted Vegetables

Changing From Favorite Foods To Healthier Foods:

While changing from my favorite foods may not be a cure, they still made a big difference in my overall health. I now make healthy choices in the foods that I choose to eat. And I find they make a positive difference in my health.

I choose to eat gluten-free foods and mainly vegan foods, though I am not vegan.

If you have any health issues, you should take note of the foods you eat. While it is not a cure, there are benefits to be gained.

Mangoes are foods that are healthy

Spiritual Healing:

Last but not least, along with using foods to better our health, we also have access to Spiritual food.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6

Jesus tells us that when we hunger and thirst after His food, He will fill us. And He knows exactly what we need.

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3 Replies to “Why My Favorite Types Of Foods Are In The Past”

  1. There are foods particularly vegetables I hated when I was younger. Now as I get older, whether I like the taste or not, I’ll eat them. You’re right though the best food is spiritual food.

    1. Yes, I too will eat things because I know they are good for me. And I do think we need both the spiritual food and physical food. But many of us only focus on the physical.

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