How You Can Find Something Or Someone Valuable

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To Find Something Or Someone Valuable:

To find something or Someone valuable, you will have to do a diligent search. Furthermore, it will take a lot of patience and time. Also, after you’ve found it, you will wonder how you ever missed it.

How I Happened To Find Someone Valuable:

I was about to give up looking when I decided to give it one last try. Not only would I give it one last try, but I would put all my attention into looking. At this time, you may be wondering what or whom I was looking for.

Firstly, I had heard so many wonderful things about the Bible, and how we serve a Living God. As well, there was Power in the Words of the Bible.

Secondly, while that might have been all true, it certainly wasn’t working for me. Before giving up on God, and the Words of the Bible, I had a conversation with God. And I told Him I would read and follow His Word closely, I would put Him to the test and see if He was really real.

The Key To Unlock The Door:

Without a doubt, there was Power in the Words of the bible. I claimed every promise as I read, and I also felt uplifted. But things that I truly cannot explain started to happen. And what eventually unlocked the door for me, was when I came across this verse:

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you, says the Lord….Jeremiah 29:13-14

Search With All Your Heart:

When you search the pages of the Bible carefully, you will find Jehovah. You will then be able to have a relationship with Him at all times. And last but not least, this might be the beginning of you also finding yourself. It was for me.

Finding Me:

The picture below was taken by my friend. She showed it to me, and said, “There you are.” I glanced at the picture and told her I was not in the picture. But after searching carefully, I was able to find myself sitting on the rocks.

Find the person in this photo by searching diligently.
Finding Me Photo Credit: Pat Johnston

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    1. That is so true. God through His Holy Spirit will woo us. But it’s so good to see that He will never force or try to control.

    1. Yes, this is so true. What a wonderful God we serve. He is right at our side waiting for us to discover Him.

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