Female hummingbird lands close to her food.

Food: And Why The Right Kind Is Important

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Food For The Hummingbird:

A good food source is vital to the hummingbird, and this is one way to get them to frequent your yard. Along with the food, they must have water and the right kind of water. Furthermore, their very existence depends on it.

Food in the nectar which hummingbirds get from the flowers.
Food For The Hummingbird

Food Needed For Energy:

Hummingbirds seem to be very high energy birds. And they must undoubtedly need a lot of nectar to keep them hovering.

Hummingbird hovering near its food source, which is the flower.
Juvenile Hummingbird Hovering

Energy Drink Of Choice:

The drink of choice for the hummingbird is sugar water. Moreover, if you provide them with this drink consistently, they are sure to return to your home. It should be noted that you will have to commit to giving them a fresh drink every three days. On the other hand if you cannot commit to giving them a fresh drink every three day, perhaps it would be best not to start at all, as you cold harm the birds.

Female hummingbird lands close to her food.
Female Hummingbird Landing On Stem

Providing The Food:

Each year I would complain that hummingbirds didn’t come to my backyard. But thanks to a good friend who not only told me what to do, but also showed me how to go about it. Now I have these beauties gracing my backyard. nd obviously enjoying it, and staying in an unhurried manner. At least the female did. Whereas the male appear to be a bit more finicky.

Male hummingbird peers out from behind his food source
The Shy Male Hummer

The right kind of food is important to give to the hummingbird so they will maintain their energy and keep their strength up as they raise the young ones. And last but not least just as the nectar is important, so is the sugar water. But above all, you must remember to give it a fresh supply every three days.

Tip For The Day:

Just like the hummingbird, we also need the right kind of food and water to keep us going. But along with food and water to satisfy the physical, we also need the emotional and Spiritual food and water for total health.

Our Supply Of Bread And Water: And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst. John 6:35

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  1. JAMBO
    BEAUTIFUL HUMMINGBIRD PHOTOGRAPHY!!!BREATHTAKINGLY IN THE MOMENT!!! Thanks for advice about food we can apply to ourselves as well. “ Food….the right kind is important.” ASANTE and BLESSINGS

  2. Beautiful captures Leola, I am so glad the hummers found your garden it was just a matter of time.

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