Birds created by the the Creator.

The Creator Of The Earth And The Birds And Animals

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The Creator Of Heaven And Earth:

God is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. And it is only by His Power that everything is made.

Birds where created by the outstretched arm of our Creator.
Heads Raised Heavenward
Birds created by the the Creator.
Looking Upward

‘I (God) have made the earth, the man and the beast that are on the ground, by My great power, and by My outstretched arm,….Jeremiah 27:5

Bears created by our Creator
Bear In A Tree

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5 Replies to “The Creator Of The Earth And The Birds And Animals”

    1. Amen. It sure was a treat to see a bear. And even more so to find it climbing high up in a tree.

    1. Thank you so very much. May God also pour out His blessings continually on you.

  1. Leola, thank you for blessing with this post. Our Creator reminds us daily of His patience at work with loving perfection. Wow! A bear in a tree. I’ve never seen this before. Great photo!

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