Mating A Second Time

Caring And Love Are Signs That Sheep Exhibit

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Signs Of Caring And Love:

You may have seen sheep’s caring and love for each other. But usually, the word sheep have a lot of negative connotations.

Ram and ewe showing signs of caring and love during the mating
Sheep Getting Ready To Mate

It was a very unproductive day on a lonely country road. Not only were you not seeing wildlife, but all you were seeing was the domesticated sheep. With nothing else to look at, you had no choice but to turn your attention to the sheep. Obviously, they did not mind the scrutiny, as they copulated. But more importantly, it is what they did after copulating that captured the attention of all watching.

Ram shows gentle behaviour as he dismounts ewe.
Ram And Ewe After Mating
Ram and ewe show caring and love for one another by coming together to cuddle after mating.
The Ewe And Ram Come Close After Mating

Their actions played in the mind like a well-choreographed routine. They both slowly turned to each other. As well as turning toward each other, they moved closer and closer together. In addition, they brought their heads together, showing caring and love for each other. Following the coming together, they copulated again. And as seen previously, they carried out their choreographed routine, by coming together once again to cuddle.

Two sheep showing caring and love for each other, by cuddling their heads together.
Texel Sheep Cuddling

Caring And Love Not Mentioned:

Often sheep are viewed as docile, mindless, and easily lead. And when speaking in the Spiritual sense, often others may think of Christians as docile and easily lead. But nothing can be further from the truth. If you were to approach a sheep in the pasture, I’m sure it would run from you. But moreover, if the sheep sees its owner, you can be sure, it would follow.

Mating A Second Time

Despite Christians also likened to sheep who are easily led, they too know who is leading them. They are being led by the One (God) who shows caring and love. And furthermore, Christians know if they follow they will be well provided for, just as the sheep are well cared for by their owners.

Ram and ewe very gentle and caring with each other.
Texel Sheep Mating

Kindness Mistaken For Stupidity:

Ram and sheep draws close together once again after mating, showing caring and love for each other.
A Show Of Affection After Mating

Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16

The above Scripture lets you know that God thinks of sheep as being wise.

Ewe Whispering Sweet Nothings In Ram's Ear
Whispers Of Sweet Nothings
Sheep show caring and love for each other after mating
Caring And Loving Sheep

Just like the sheep show caring and love, Jesus requests His followers to be the same way when dealing with others. However, these attributes can be mistaken for gullibility. Nonetheless, if you are to be followers of Christ, you must show kindness to each other.

Last but not least, sheep are referred to many times in the Bible in a very special way. Because if even one sheep goes missing, it will be sought after.

And furthermore, Jesus refers to His followers as the sheep who will sit at His right hand while the goats will be destroyed. Besides the sheep at His right hand represents the ones who acted by caring and showing love on a daily basis for all mankind.

And He will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left. Matthew 25:33

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    1. I now plan to reread all the Scriptures pertaining to sheep and look at them as if with new eyes. God thinks very highly of us His children. After all one of His Scriptures also say: “You are the salt of the earth “ And we know that salt gives flavour.

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