Hunger And Thirst And The Good To Be Gained

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Hunger And Thirst But Not For Lack:

You don’t want to experience hunger and thirst, especially when it is related to the lack of food and water.

But if you hunger and thirst after a hobby, it can be exciting and invigorating. And this is what I find with bird watchers and photographers.

At first, you may not start out with the same inspiration and motivation as others, but it does not take long to get drawn in.

Bird watchers hunger and thirst to catch a glimpse of this rare bird, as it is mostly unseen.
Dovekie Far Out Of Range

Filled With Excitement:

We had ventured out hoping to see one bird without much success. But just before we were about to stop our search, it was brought to our attention that there was a rare bird in the area. Not knowing what a dovekie was, I really wasn’t too interested.

One birder approached us, and he told me a bit about the dovekie, and how rare it was to be seen in Southern Ontario. Furthermore, he couldn’t wait to move along to continue his search for the dovekie. Because of the sheer excitement on his face, I decided to follow him. As he had such a hunger and thirst to see this particular bird.

Dovekie being sought by those who seek to see something rare and interesting
Dovekie With Wings Extended

Hunger And Thirst After Righteousness:

The Bible tells you that you should hunger and thirst for righteousness. So in the same fashion, you are excited and overjoyed to see a rare bird, this is the way Jehovah wants you to seek after Him. Similarly, we are to follow Him.

Everywhere the bird flew, the birdwatchers headed in the same direction, and then back again. And they all walked at a fast pace to get to where the bird was. Once they got there, the bird would take off again. Immediately they would turn and follow once more. Altogether it was a lot of fun and exercise, it was also quite comical.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6

And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst
. John 6:35

It should be a joy to follow Jesus, and not only should you be excited over your hobbies, but you should also hunger and thirst and fill with excitement, to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Dovekie flies off as those who hunger and thirst after it, watch it go.

Filled With Living Water:

When you hunger and thirst after Jesus Christ, He fills you. And uniquely the filling that He will give you, will lead to everlasting life.

In contrast to the excitement of a hobby, the feeling that Jehovah gives will last for a lifetime. And furthermore, the hunger and thirst you have for Him will gain you everlasting life.

When Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, she was so excited by everything she heard. And she ran off to find others to share it with.

To summarize, hunger and thirst is a good thing, when it is also channeled toward Jesus.

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6 Replies to “Hunger And Thirst And The Good To Be Gained”

  1. I know what you mean about birders and their birds! I get excited for any cute bird. I like to see them in a pretty tree or with colors behind them, so the photo is pretty. I don’t even care that much what bird it is! But I have had people get excited and tell me about a bird, so it does get me exited too, even when I don’t know what it is all about! …as always, I love how you tie the message to the photos!

    1. Very true, even a common bird that we see all the time will be transformed to a thing of beauty if it’s captured in the right setting. Thanks so much. When I take the photos it’s always just pure joy. And I’m never really sure how I will use them. But somehow it always seem to work out.

    1. Amen. Yes, there are so many wonderful Scriptures like this one which tells us how we can be truly filled.

  2. Blessings Leola! This post combines so many gifts into a wonderful testament about how our spiritual hunger is fed by a one-of-a-kind Bread of Life. May your photographic journey continue to fed your inner hunger to find something new and exciting.

    1. Thanks so much. I am happy to be able to use my photography in a way in which I believe would be pleasing to God.

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