Opportunity: An Opportunity Along The Lonely Country Road

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Opportunity In The Wild:

In wildlife photography, you are always looking and hoping for an opportunity to present itself. You try to go out at the best times of the day, but that is not always possible.

Sometimes you may have the perfect light, but no subject to take. And other times if you are not quick enough, you could miss the opportunity.

Chance Encounter:

We had been walking along a lonely country road, listening to the sweet sound of nature. Because we couldn’t see the wildlife, our ears became more in tune to the sounds around us.

A car pulled up close to where we were standing. First we exchanged a few pleasantries, and then we kept walking. In fact we were eagerly looking for any photo opportunity with the wildlife we could hear.

After a little while the man in the vehicle got out and we chatted some more. Next his wife got out of the car, and we stood chatting for sometime with the two strangers on a lonely Northern Ontario country road.

We chatted for sometime and they wanted to know what we had seen. I told them all we saw, and was quite disappointed I still couldn’t get the opportunity to capture the loon.

Strangers provided us with an opportunity, allowing us to see the common loon up close.
A common loon with fluffed up feathers

Strangers Offers An Opportunity:

“Loons are not a problem,” said the woman. “We have them come by our deck at the cottage, you could follow us there right now, and come see them.”

It had already been a long day, so we thought it best to go home. And we would have to put that opportunity off for another day. Also, I was still excited of having the chance of seeing the common loon up close, since these two strangers had also offered to take us out on their boat.

Covid Cautions:

Our encounter with the strangers took place during Covid. But after exchanging information, we were able to finally get together again.

Two common loons cross each other in the water

Strangers No Longer Strangers:

Well the day finally came. And as promised we went out on the boat and we would see many loons, closer than we had ever seen them before. And sure enough , as we were sitting on the deck chatting and having lunch, we watched as a loon came sailing by.

Thankful For The Opportunity:

I am truly thankful to God for the people He places along our paths, and for the many ways in which He finds to bless us.

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2


The two strangers (no longer strangers) were the perfect host and hostess to us, and I believe they were like angels placed along our path. And moreover they were able to provide us with an opportunity, that would not otherwise be met.


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  1. Inspiring post Leola! Sometimes our everyday interactions with people, whom we have never met before, opens a door of opportunity. Grace and peace be with you.

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