Two Calfs following in the steps of their parent

Putting Yourself At Risk To Free The Entangled

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Cow Moose Takes A Risk:

A cow moose takes a risk by standing on a country road. And we were delighted when we came across her giving us the opportunity to get her photo.

Cow moose takes a risk standing in the middle of the road, trying to get help for her young one.
A moose cow standing in the middle of a country road.

Puzzled By The Risk Taker:

After taking quite a few photos, we were puzzled by the way the cow was behaving. The cow would stand in the road.

And then at times she would run to the bush. At other times the cow went over a fence. But then she would return again.

After a while of taking photos from afar we ventured a little close. We were excited when we saw a calf emerging from the bush.

Taking The Calf To Safety:

The cow once again crossed the road, and went over the fence waiting for the calf to follow. But the calf would not go over the fence. We thought the calf too small to go over the fence.

The cow came back to the roadway. She looked in our direction and made a step toward us. This action caused us to back up. She then went to the opposite side of the road, and poked her head into the woods. Then she came back out and looked at us again. All the time the young calf was at her side.

Playing It Safe And Taking No Risks:

We returned to our car still puzzled by the moose behaviour. Perhaps we were in her way, and stopping her from coming in our direction.

So we backed the car up to watch from afar. The moose still continued to behave strangely. And she did this by running back and forth across the road. And by also looking in our direction.

While watching this event, another car pulled up behind us. And it was at this time we expected other photographers to get out of their car to start taking photos. But no one emerged.

Taking Risk To Untangle The Entangled:

After a while a man emerged from the car behind us. He said good morning. The he said we would have to show the moose what to do, because she wasn’t going anywhere.

He slowly approached the moose, speaking to it is soothing tones. We remained sitting in the car and watching from afar. But after we saw how close the man got, we decided to take a chance and we also got closer.

As we got closer to him, he had identified what the problem was. The cow had another calf and it seemed to be entangled in the woods.

If Moose Could Speak:

It was only then that we realized the odd behaviour of the cow. She wanted to get her calf that was with her to a safe place, and she wanted to get her other calf the was entangled untangle.

Set Free:

Finally, and with no help from us, the little calf was free. It then emerged from the woods to join its mom and its twin calf.

Now we watched the cow crossed the road with her little twins running behind her. Where the young calf would not go over the fence before, it went over quite easily this time. We now realized that the cow and the calf were not willing to go forward and leave a part of their family behind.

The man who had approach them was the owner of the farm. And he also happily watched as they went galloping on his 200 acres of land.

Mama Moose And Her Two Calfs Heading In The Same Direction


Though the calf was entangled and not lost, it reminds me of the Scripture of the lost.

Then Jesus told them this parable: “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. Luke 15:3-6

And though the cow moose had one calf with her, she was not will to go forward without the other. Only when it was free, did she merrily go on her way.

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