Mother Fox (Vixen) sitting outside her den.

Each time I look at this photo, I remember the following scripture.

Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” Luke 9:58

The hole behind the fox is the entrance to the den.

So that means Jesus was always on the move. He was on a mission. On a mission to spread the gospel, heal the sick. And He knew His time was short.

8 Replies to “There Is No Time For Sleep”

    1. Thank you Lisa in regards to the photo. So true, many of us are complacent. Jesus spent His time here doing His Father’s business. He set an example for us to follow. We “know” what we need to do. We “say” what we need to do. Be we never seem to get the chance to “Do” what we need to Do. There is a scripture that speaks about being Doers of the Word and not only Hearers.
      May the Lords will be done, and may His Kingdom come.

    1. Thanks so much!
      So glad the fox sat right beside the hole, or that scripture may not have come to mind.

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