You did watch and wait and was finally rewarded with a flight shot

Watch And Wait For The Reward That Is To Come

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Watch And Wait:

In wildlife photography, there will be many times where you simply stand while you watch and wait.

Much patience is required as some birds can perch for a long time. And furthermore, if you want to get a flight shot, you will have to watch and wait.

The photographers could only watch and wait for a long time, as the rough legged hawk stayed perch on top a light pole.
Rough Legged Hawk Perched On Top Light Pole

What To Watch For To Get A Flight Shot:

When you learn the habits of the birds, you will know when the bird is almost ready to fly. Some times there can be some delays, even though you see the signs in place.

Many now know that when a bird relieves itself, it is getting ready to fly. And when the photographers sees this, all hands grab their cameras, and point in the direction of the bird.

Rough legged hawk leans forward as photographers keep watching and waiting for flight shot

Waiting For the Reward:

Patience is still needed, because the perched bird will only fly when it wants to and not because you want to see it fly.

Another thing you learned from nature photography, is that you may have to spend some time in order to get that flight shot.

A rough legged hawk leans forward to relieve itself
Relief After the Meal

Watch And Wait In The Right Location:

You come to realize that certain birds can be found in particular locations. And you would not be found standing to watch for a duck in the meadow. But you would watch and wait around certain bodies of water if expecting to see a duck.

Christians Waiting For Their Reward:

Christian are also alert as they watch and wait for the Second Coming of Jesus. They also need to have patience, and keep their focus.

All believers were told the signs to watch and wait for, And when they see the signs taking place, they would know that Jehovah is soon to return.

You did watch and wait and was finally rewarded with a flight shot
Rough Legged Hawk In Flight

The Signs We Are To Watch And Wait For:

Many of the signs we are to watch for have already been happening. God is giving us every chance to turn and acknowledge Him. But as we see things speeding up, we will know that signs of the end are being fulfilled.

There will be earthquakes, and famines, and much upheaval around the globe. You can now see how things are speeding up, with all the talk of climate change. Also, much hate will abound in the hearts of many. A brother could betray a brother and a father could betray a child. This will happen quite regularly, and the bad may look like it is outweighing the good.

As you see all these things happening, you should turn your focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. He is coming. He will purify this earth. He also brings His reward of eternal life with Him.


Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” Matthew 24:3 Read the full chapter if you are not familiar with it.

If you put your focus on Jesus, and continue to patiently watch and wait for Him, you will be rewarded in the end.

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    1. Thank you Donna. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to blog about, but I like when I get inspiration from the pictures. It makes it easier when they can be used to relay the story.

  1. Thanks soo very much for the reminders!! Love the application to photography!!! Soo True!!! Love It.

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