Healer: One Of The Things Jesus Did While On Earth

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Recognized As The Healer:

As soon as people saw Him, they knew it was Jesus the healer. And while there were many that rejected Jesus, they were also others that believed in Him.

Jesus travelled by boat to different places to heal the sick
Jesus travelled by boat to different places to heal the sick

Bringing The Sick To Jesus:

5They made landfall at Gennesaret and anchored there.54 The moment they got out of the boat, everyone recognized that it was Jesus, the healer55 So they ran throughout the region, telling the people, “Bring all the sick—even those too sick to walk and bring them on mats!” 56 Wherever he went, in the countryside, villages, or towns, they placed the sick on mats in the streets or in public places and begged him, saying, “Just let us touch the tassel of your prayer shawl!” And all who touched him were instantly healed! Mark 6:53.56

Having The Faith They Would Be Healed:

Many of the people at Gennesaret had faith in Jesus. They believed that He could heal them. Perhaps they had done everything possible, and still remained ill. But all who touched Jesus was instantly healed.

You and I need to remember that we too can touch the hem of His garment.

The Healer Still Lives:

Today as you and I do battle with the Corona virus, we should reach out for the Healer. Even though you maybe vaccinated and have your booster shots, you should still look to the Healer. He can be reached through prayer.


Dear Lord Jesus:

Thank you for Your compassion and Your mercy. May You strengthen us to face what is before us, as we do battle with the Corona virus or the omicron variant. May You heal us Spiritually, so that we may be physically healed. And may You heal our land.

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6 Replies to “Healer: One Of The Things Jesus Did While On Earth”

  1. I sure hope you heal up quickly! Yes, I did get my booster shot today. But I know that holds no great promises. I trust Jesus to take care of me, and know that when my time comes to go, I know where I’m headed! But for sure we, and those around the world, need prayers and lots of love! 🤗🤗🙏❤

    1. Sorry, I didn’t mean to give the impression that I have the corona virus…as I don’t. I’m just thinking on a community level, or a global level how we are trying to fight it, or stave it off. I thank God that I haven’t been faced with it thus far. Yes, we need to keep our trust in God, so that if and when anything does happen, we know where we are going.

      1. Oops, well, glad you don’t have it! I’m aware of a few around me with it (so far, I’ve dodged it), so I jumped to conclusion! I think it’s so crazy right now, and we don’t know who to trust. Except for God!

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