Many of us miss the gradual rising of the sun. On this particular day, one minute it seemed that we were in darkness, and then suddenly the sun was high in the sky.

On The Horizon

Gradually rising

If we spend some time closely observing, we may be lucky enough to witness the changes as they are happening. We stood across the lake at dawn, and watched as the sun gradually peaked above the horizon.

Gradually Rising

As the sun rose gradually, the redness disappeared. Its reflection could be seen on the water, and with it the darkness of night had also disappeared.

Suddenly High In The Sky

Though it may seem to many that it happens suddenly, we know that there is a gradual process. We stood still and watched as the sun had now risen high in the sky.

“Gradually Then Suddenly” Ernest Hemingway from The Sun Also Rises


There are many things that we expect to happen in this world, in our future. They will not happen suddenly. They are gradual, and are already happening.

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Free To Fly

13 Replies to “A Gradual Rising Of The Sun”

    1. So glad you could come Melinda. I also find it so amazing that the beauty we saw with our eyes could not be duplicated with a camera. Our God truly is an Awesome God.

  1. As usual, your photography plays a central role in your discussion. Watching a sunrise as the dark, dawn sky begins to slowly transform shares the need for us to accept inevitable change in our own lives. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful words Leola.

    1. I like when I look at a photo and it inspires me to write a post, but many times I get the inspiration for a post, and can’t think of a photo to put with it….not easy. Richard, thanks for reading and also for taking the time to comment. Yes, many changes are before us.

    1. Thank you so much Linda for your kind words. Yes, watching the sun rise was a great reminder to me as to how gradual things do happen, and are happening. Yet we ignore them until the “situation (s)” get ready to overtake us. Only then do we suddenly see.

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