Little Things In Life And Paying Attention To Them

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Looking At The Little Things In Life With Macro Photography:

We say that seeing is believing, but there are so many beautiful little things around us that go unseen. I came to this realization when I got into macro photography.

After getting in to macro photography, I learned to enjoy a simple raindrop or ice crystal. Flowers which are already beautiful took on a new life, and so did the most mundane of things.

Daily Learning About the Little Things:

Macro Photography for me was very frustrating. I’m now finding that once you have the right equipment, it will make the macro experience much easier, and more enjoyable.

The mushrooms below were taken deep in the darken woods, but with the help of a reasonably priced Godox Macro Ring, I was able to get a better look at the beauty of these little things.

Shedding Light In The Darkness:

I never would have captured the beauty of these mushrooms without my Godox Macro Ring Flash.

If you’re into macro photography and enjoy seeing the beauty of the little things in life, you may want to consider the Godox Macro Ring Flash from Amazon so that you too can take a better look.

Below is an affiliate link, if you do like and purchase the product I will get a small commission, which will in turn help me to keep this blog going year after year.

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