Elfchen Poem: Our Solid Foundation


Lord Jesus

Our Solid Foundation

Helper in troubled times.


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    1. Thank you Wayne, in regards to my photography. The particular photo to this post is done using a tripod and I have the use of a friend’s lens. I prefer shooting free-hand but is trying to use my tripod more and more. I’m not sure why I don’t get your post in my reader, but will make a note to stop by and see what’s going on with Romeo and Juliet and Daredevil and the bears. Hope all is well and you’re staying safe in beautiful BC.

      1. I look at thousands of pictures each year,for decades. That shot is very good. You are paying attention to detail. Forethought is your best photographic tool!
        You have made strides.

  1. Yes, each and every day striving to move nearer and nearer to our Lord Jesus, as we move from level to level.

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