Importance Of Light:

One of the things I have learned in photography is the importance of capturing an image in the perfect light. The photos will look more soothing, colors are more brilliant, and no unflattering shadows are seen, which will make it a more pleasing photo.

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At Dawn And At Dusk:

The best time to seek this “perfect light” is just after sunrise and just before the sunset, and even then the light is changing from minute to minute. When we don’t work within these times (which is quite easy to do) our photos will be less flattering as we encounter the harsh light of the day.

Another Light Source:

We do have another “Perfect Light,” who should be sought continuously, and we should also seek Him at dawn and also before going to bed at night. When we do seek our Perfect Light (which is Christ Jesus) early, some of the shadows and the temptations of our day will be eliminated.

Shadows Removed:

Though we are being bathe in the Perfect Light, we will also experience disciplines, which many perceive as harshness. A day is also coming when out Perfect Light Source, (who is Jesus Christ) is returning to this earth, and at that time His wrath will be seen as He permanently removes the shadows of death and evil from this earth.

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. Matthew 5:48

Inspiration For Post:

My inspiration for writing this post came from one of the men I frequently see out at the marsh, and he is quite knowledgeable about photography and the importance of light that is needed. So thanks to you Ron, I was able to write this post.

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