Only A Short Time To Live

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If you follow my FB page you may have seen this photo before, but for those of you who don’t follow my page, I will share a bit about this photo.

This is a Cecropia moth, and it is the first time I am seeing this beautiful moth in the wild. I may have missed taking this photo if not for a kind lady who saw me taking the peonies in the botanical garden, and brought my attention to this moth.

When I first came to where the moth was lying on the ground, I told the lady I wouldn’t take it, because it was fake. She told me it was real, and I said, “No, it couldn’t be.” As if right on cue to prove me wrong, the moth fluttered its wings, signaling just how real it was.

I could not believe my eyes. This moth is huge, and I’ve never seen anything like it before…especially in the wild. It seemed content to stay on the ground, but I wanted to get it on the peonies, so we moved it around a little and it didn’t seem to mind, nor did it fly too far.


I took so many photos of this beautiful moth and found it very hard to pull myself away.

On returning home, I decided I would like to find out a little more about this particular moth. As I stated earlier, it is the Cecropia Moth and its also the largest moth in North America. I also found out that it does all its eating when its in the caterpillar stage, and now its only mission is to find a mate and lay eggs. The saddest part for me, was finding out, that after it finds its mate and lay the eggs, after about two weeks it will die. How sad to know that this beautiful moth will be gone so soon, but I’m so glad I got the opportunity to see it.

I wonder if we could live so gracefully and beautifully if we knew that within two weeks of fulfilling some mission that we would die!

As the Proverb says, beauty certainly can be fleeting.

I am so glad I heeded the urgency I was getting before leaving home. I was prompted to get going before I missed my opportunity. So I hurried out of the house not knowing what I would find. Perhaps if I had taken my time, I would have missed the nice lady who pointed out this huge Cecropia moth to me.




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9 Replies to “Only A Short Time To Live”

    1. Oh, another creature with a short life span….thank God for the blessings He has given to mankind.

    1. Thanks Beverly for visiting my FB page…I really have to spend a bit more time there.😀

    1. I know…this was also quite a surprise for me. It was so big and beautiful and accommodating.

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