Some days I wake up early with the intention of setting out to see and to capture the sunrise. On this particular day that was not my intention. I simply intended to drop my husband off at the train station and go see what was going on in the woods and the meadows. Fresh air leads to feelings of good health physically and mentally as more and more of us are finding out.


It was still dark as we left the house, but light was quickly approaching. As we rounded the corner my husband commented on the colours in the sky. I couldn’t help but to agree that they were beautiful.

After I had dropped my hubby off and was leaving the train station, I notice just how intense the colours were. They were coming up fast and changing quickly. Here I was stopped on a very small street at a red light and it was taking such a long time to change. In my mind I’m crying out, “Lord, Lord please I need to capture this, don’t let the colours change.” I looked left and I looked right, nothing is coming and here I was at a red light, like what seemed like an eternity. Finally the light changed and I was off to where I knew there was a pond with water and hopefully I could capture the reflections.

Whitby Harbour Sunrise

After what seemed like an eternity I finally got there. I slowly came up to the bridge in the car, and I could see that the water was ablaze with colour. I went a little ways to pull over to the side of the road. When I got out it seemed like such a long way back to the bridge. I had to move very quickly, but at the same time I was so excited and so happy to catch such a magnificent sunrise. I took quite a few pictures, but I would also take the time to let my eyes feast on this new day that was beginning.

I left that place feeling so blessed, and praising God for His gift of the sunrise. What I saw with my eyes was so much more intense. I was certainly joyous, and hard to describe the indescribable, especially when the rest of the day would be overcast and rainy.

God knows and will supply all of our needs, and perhaps what I needed most on this particular morning, was His indescribable beauty coming to me through this sunrise. I may have left home feeling a little sleepy and groggy, but I was now fully awake and praising and thanking God for the beauty of a new day.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15



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8 Replies to “A Most Beautiful Gift”

  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Not only did you need it, God knew I needed it as well. Your words delighted my soul. Thanks to Jesus for His blessing of you! Have a wonderful day. ♡♡

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m so glad that this post meant something to you. God certainly does know what we need and when we need it. He is so Awesome!!

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