Even though its time to be working hard at home – making, its still good to take a moment for self.


Robin takes a moment to stretch and preen.


Though parks were closed its good to know that birds can fly and do not only reside in parks. I’m sure glad they found my backyard.


However, my flower baskets continue to lose their shape as more and more straw is taken, not only by the robins, but from animals for nest building.




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6 Replies to “At Work And At Play”

  1. Thank you for your Robin pictures, Elle! What a timing, I would say. It is rare to see them stretch a bit and ready to fly and pick some straw. GOD bless you and yours!

    1. Thank you Nora, you have to make the most of every situation and take anything you see around you, even if its the Robin that we are so use to seeing.

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