Cloaked In White Raiment

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Cloaked in white raiment

Wide-eyed, watching and waiting

For Parents return

Haiku by:© Leola Durant

I got the opportunity to watch this owlet for a while. It’s still clothed mainly in its fluffy white feathers. It cannot fly as yet, but in the meantime it stayed alert, wide-eyed and watching for its Parents.The only thing wrong…it was looking in the wrong direction. The Parents were sitting high up in a nearby tree, watching over their young from that vantage point.



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4 Replies to “Cloaked In White Raiment”

  1. It is truly amazing that after the frostiness and beauty of winter, we get to witness all the wonders that spring also has to offer.

  2. That’s an amazing shot that you captured. You truly have the gift of sight. Where was this taken?

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