How We Can All Overcome Darkness #5

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Last week I did a series of poems called “How We Can All Overcome Darkness.” If you didn’t get a chance to read them you can find them here:

Billowing Waves

The Deep

Engulfed By Total Darkness 

High Thin Wire

Whether we serve God or not, we will go through times of darkness, and further more, sometimes God allows these periods in our lives so that we may grow and learn from them. He is most gracious and though He may not relive us of the experience we are going through, we can be sure that He is right beside us, to strengthen us and to carry us, and eventually we will be set free.


IMG_7469 Butterfly copy

Set Free

I have been set free.

I have scaled the barbed wired fence

That surrounded the prison of my own making.

Tattered clothes are now restored

With new clothes which Jesus has offered.

Set free

Brought through the Refiners Fire

Years of burning now ended.

Hesitantly I test the ground beneath my feet,

For all I knew was my prison cell.

Set free

Obedience and constant acknowledgement,

This is now my new way of life.

Following my Saviour only,

So that I may always remain,

Set free.

© Leola Durant

Though we may not be literally in a prison, most of us can end up in prisons of our own making, because of the choices we at times will make.

……The Lord gives freedom to the prisoners. Psalm 146:7



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