How We Can All Overcome Darkness #1

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This is a series of poems that I wrote sometime ago and they either stemmed from dreams I had in the night, or from day dreams, and I will share them over the next several posts. If you’ve been following my blog  for a while, you may have read some of them, but because of the situation we are all facing right now, I felt to share them again.

I wrote these poems at a time in my life when I thought I was doing relatively well. I felt that with the help of God I had emerged from extreme physical and emotional pain, but here I was, puzzled as to why I was having such dark dreams. I was thankful that in each dark dream, that God would somehow bring me through. It was only later that I would realize that God was allowing these dreams in order to strengthen me for yet another very difficult situation I was about to face.

Right now as we all face an extremely difficult situation around the globe, we should all remember that God does have the Power to bring us through the most difficult times. More importantly, as we were reminded by our Pastor, we should not allow ourselves to get engulfed in the “now,” but instead look to the future with hope. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be suffocated by the current situation, but look forward to what God has in store for us. So I do pray that you will be blessed by this series of poems if you’re reading them for the first time.

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” John 8:12


Billowing Waves

God has led me into rough water,

I trust Him; He will not let them overflow,

I am never alone, He is with me,

He is with me wherever I go.


The waters are billowing

But in this darkness I will not be afraid,

Others desperately avoid the waters,

They will only come to the edge to bathe.


The waters are high and threatening,

While I was in the rough, He did not let my heart break

Nor did He allow me to weep.

He picked me up; He carried me over,

He told me the winning is straight ahead,

Only doubters will retreat.


Burdens once heavy now seem lighter,

God has taken me over the waves,

If others would dare to venture

Jesus is waiting there to save.


We made our way to the other side,

Where the gargantuan waves still flow.

In the safety of His arms the waves seem small,

Evil cannot stop me, even though he pursues and calls.

© Leola Durant


I was out in the middle of the water in this dream and it was dark and scary, as I was there all alone. I was thinking if only I could make it back to the shore and to dry land. Then Jesus showed up, but He didn’t carry me back in the direction that I had come, He carried me further into deeper waters and brought me eventually to safety.



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5 Replies to “How We Can All Overcome Darkness #1”

  1. Leola, I truly appreciate you sharing this poem as well as your personal witness. I agree we must keep our hope burning bright for seeing more light in our future. Jesus is faithfully walking with us.

  2. AMEN!!! “Only doubters will retreat.” So very true indeed. I have similar dreams like that and the Lord always came and saved me from out of the deep waters. Little did I know the meaning behind them until He led me to the revelation of them in and by His word and by your poem He inspired you to write just bought more clarity to them. Truly we are never alone and God IS with us forever. We need to constantly remind ourselves about this. God bless and continue to hold on to JESUS. <3 blessings!

    1. Thanks Tammy. I’m so glad to hear you received even more clarity after reading the poem. God certainly does have a way of relaying His messages to us. He is pretty Awesome. Blessings!!

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