How I Know Scriptures Are Not Antiquated

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I would always read this Scripture and wonder how a thousands years could be like a day to God.

A thousand years to you are like one day; they are like yesterday, already gone, like a short hour in the night. Psalm 90:4

Quebec City

In the last few days I feel as though I’ve seen things that should have taken a thousand years to happen….happen within a day.

To see a booming economy go to practically non existent within a few days seems an impossibility.

To see the whole global community moving from connectivity to practical isolation within days is unthinkable.

These are a few things that has happened in a matter of days, which I could not imagine happening in my lifetime.

The Scriptures tells us that to God a thousand years is like a day, and whatever darkness the earth has been plunged into….God will Light it again, even brighter and better than before.

Keep pushing your way through the darkness, it is receding though it may not look like it, and our Light is increasing.

14 Replies to “How I Know Scriptures Are Not Antiquated”

  1. Yes! We just need to keep our eyes on Jesus. I know personally I used to like reading the news every morning but now it just places fear in me. Fear is not of God and I reject it in Jesus name. I need a new routine, more Christian bloggers here to read than the news. Any suggestions? God unite us, we need Him now more than ever! Blessings. ♡

    1. It can be a scary time, but we know God tells us that many troubling things will happen before He returns. We also know that His word says we will know by the signs when He is near. So instead of fear we need to focus on our Ultimate Joy. Pray to God for strength and I truly do believe He is giving all hearts this time to make things right with Him. Any thing else can happen in a Flash as it already has. We know Jesus came as a Lamb before. When He comes for the second time we will see His wrath. We all need to make a choice right now as to which path we will take.

  2. Praise the LORD Sister. So very true. With all the fear tactics coming from every angle, having faith in God, knowing that He fights for us. That He has told us to stay the course, keep our faith in Him, be thankful in ALL circumstances. Not that I am perfect, LORD knows I fail everyday. Thanking Him for being merciful, faithful, loving, and helping me get better. 🙂 And helping us all get through this as He has ALWAYS helped us get through all things.

    1. Amen, when we pray and rely on God, He will strengthen us helping us to get through the darkest of nights.

  3. I love your summation of what seems like the new normal. I know the scripture also says the darkness cannot comprehend the light so whatever seems hidden will definitely be revealed. Keep hope alive!

    1. Thank you…I think it is good to look on the bright side especially at this time.When we look to God, He will strengthen us, and it will be harder for the enemy to weaken us and pull us down. Blessings.

  4. While we may be in so-called isolation to protect ourselves and everyone else, Jesus teaches us to be the feet of our Lord. WordPress provides an effective forum for us to use.

    1. Absolutely… that’s why I love WordPress. It allows me to reach around the globe 🌏 right from my home.

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