How I Know It’s Good To Pray For Our Own Communities

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This is a prayer which Daniel prayed for the Israelites and Jerusalem, and for where ever they may have been in the world.

We too should pray for our countries, cities, communities etc. each and every day, but especially at a time as this with the health crisis that we are facing.

Daniel’s prayer was an intercessory prayer, confessing the wrongs for which the people had done. He pleaded with God for mercy and forgiveness.

We too should make this our prayer, our prayer for our countries, our cities, our communities.

Below I have left a blank space wherever Israel or Jerusalem is mentioned. In that space, place your community or country, etc. and intercede on your peoples behalf.

God listens to the prayers of His faithful people.

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Daniel Prays For His People:

“We have sinned, we have been evil, we have done wrong. We have rejected what you commanded us to do and have turned away from what you showed us was right. We have not listened to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, our rulers, our ancestors, and our whole nation. You, Lord, always do what is right, but we have always brought disgrace on ourselves. This is true of all of us who live in ————– and in ————- and of all the———— whom you scattered in countries near and far because they were unfaithful to you.

Our kings, our rulers, and our ancestors have acted shamefully and sinned against you, Lord. You are merciful and forgiving, although we have rebelled against you. 10 We did not listen to you, O Lord our God, when you told us to live according to the laws which you gave us through your servants the prophets. 11 All ———– broke your laws and refused to listen to what you said. We sinned against you, and so you brought on us the curses that are written in the Law of Moses, your servant.

12 You did what you said you would do to us and our rulers. You punished ————-more severely than any other city on earth, 13 giving us all the punishment described in the Law of Moses. But even now, O Lord our God, we have not tried to please you by turning from our sins or by following your truth. 14 You, O Lord our God, were prepared to punish us, and you did, because you always do what is right, and we did not listen to you.

15 “O Lord our God, you showed your power by bringing your people out of ———-, and your power is still remembered. We have sinned; we have done wrong. 16 You have defended us in the past, so do not be angry with ————— any longer. It is your city, your sacred hill.  All the people in the neighboring countries look down on ———— and on your people because of our sins and the evil our ancestors did.

17 O God, hear my prayer and pleading. Restore your Temple, which has been destroyed; restore it so that everyone will know that you are God. 18 Listen to us, O God; look at us and see the trouble we are in and the suffering of the city that bears your name. We are praying to you because you are merciful, not because we have done right. 19 Lord, hear us. Lord, forgive us. Lord, listen to us, and act! In order that everyone will know that you are God, do not delay! This city and these people are yours.” Daniel 9:5-19 (GNT)



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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer! I think our country and our whole world needs a lot of prayers right now. There’s so much going on!

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