This Happens When We Tell God We Are Sorry

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4 Replies to “This Happens When We Tell God We Are Sorry”

    1. I’m so glad that it touched you. I know when I read this scripture it also meant a lot to me. As I looked over my photos, this one in particular spoke to me, as we can sometimes be like that old barn, feeling and looking abandoned and worn and torn, but I am so thankful that things don’t have to remain that way. I am thankful that when we know God, He will build us up strong and sturdy, in a way that no human hands can. Blessings to you and may you continue to feel His strength.

  1. Thank you for your gracious and kind thoughts and words of encouragement – don’t we all need more of this. God bless you. Yes, there have been many years of feeling broken, but it’s so special to know that our God has come to remake us and build up our lives. Thanks again for your beautiful messages. x

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