How to Be Continually Filled

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And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst. John 6:53


Do you ever feel dissatisfied, no matter how much you eat or how much you drink? Perhaps you may feel that there is something better and you’re missing out on it, so you keep looking for the next thing, but nothing seems to fill you.

In the case of human beings, we could be in need of spiritual of emotional filling, and that would also help us two feel physically satisfied.


A few days ago I got the opportunity to watch this red fox hunt for it next meal. I was walking around in a garden taking some macro shots of the last remaining flowers of the summer, when a lady approached my friend and I, letting us know that there was a red fox in the garden. Well I was immediately really excited, and took off in the direction she had pointed. She said look for people taking pictures of it—but we saw no one taking pictures, just a couple walking toward us. I decided to ask them if they had seen the fox.

The couple said it was no longer there, but it was heading in the direction where we had just came from. I turn, and immediately saw it. I thank the couple and took off in the direction of the fox. It was running so it was very difficult to keep up. But it stopped and without missing a beat, a squirrel was now fastened between its teeth.

I could enter a photo like that at this point—but I know some might not appreciate it.


By this time I had caught up to other photographers who were getting shots of this event. The squirrel had lost the battle and the fox had started on its meal. We watched for a while, then he picked the squirrel up in his mouth and carried it off to another location.

After it left, I stood chatting with one of the other photographers, and he was also expressing how exhilarating it had been for him to capture the fox.

A few people who were in the park came up to us and also wanted to see our photos. We were standing there in a little group, when all of a sudden we saw a fox tearing across the garden. We were not sure if it was the same fox or if it was yet another fox in the garden.

We followed the fox for a while and realized he was going after a squirrel. So we thought surely this has to be another fox, because it was too quick for the first fox we saw, to finish its meal. It made a couple of attempts, and after it couldn’t get the squirrel, it went back to the opposite side of the garden. It ducked under some evergreen trees and it came out with a squirrel in its mouth. This is when we realized that it was the same fox, and he went and retrieved his meal.

I’m not sure why it left its meal there to go after yet another squirrel, why was it not satisfied? With the squirrel on the ground and not going any where, the fox kept looking at other squirrels. After some time it decided to have a little feast. By this time it was starting to get quite dark.

We left the red fox looking to bury the squirrel in the ground and perhaps go off to find other squirrels.

We as human beings, often times we find it very hard also to be content with what we have. We too may be dissatisfied and look to accumulate more of the same things, never getting enough.

Thank God that He made us higher and more intelligent than the animals, and if we would just put our focus on Him, He would fill those empty longings which reside within us. Not only do we need to be physically fed, but we also need much spiritual and emotional feeding.

And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst. John 6:53


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7 Replies to “How to Be Continually Filled”

  1. Yes, I am like that little fox. I like to have lots of food stashed away just in case. I’m trying to work on that and be more efficient in what I have stored away. Great story! And such a cute fox 🙂

    1. In many ways I think lots of us are like that little fox. Thanks for reading—— I’m so happy I got the opportunity to see him so close for the first time.

    1. I find God cares about every little detail of our lives and after all our bodies are His Holy Temple. So He wants us also to be properly physically fed, just as He wants us to be Spiritually and Emotionally fed. Thanks for commenting.

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