……Our God will fight for us. Nehemiah 4:19

Often time, many think that we just need to call on the name of God to solve any of our problems and He will either just immediately solve them, or He will eventually solve them.

I’ve been reading about the Jews where God called them to rebuild His temple, but other nations around them kept putting obstacles in their way to confuse them. Though this happened so long ago in Old Testament time, it reminds me of how times haven’t really changed much.

I’m sure many of us at one time or another have felt called to do something or another, only to have many around us give us advice in ways that would discourage us. Many times we may have listened and not step forward any further. However, the scripture above has so much hope. We should always remember that if we feel called by God to do something, we should not let others discourage us, and remember that our God will fight for us.

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Stepping Forward:

The Jews step encouraged to step forward and fight for themselves. This was the Jews then, but it is a lesson we can all learn from.

“Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.” Nehemiah 4:14 

Many of us may sit waiting for God to help, and we may sit waiting for a long time. It is when we step forward in faith, depending on God, that He will (fight for us)remove the obstacles from out of our paths.

God was there for the Jews and the rebuilding of His temple, and He is here for us with whatever we may be facing. We could be facing heath issues, physically, mentally, emotionally—whatever the problem, we are to do all we can to help ourselves and leave the rest to God, believing that He will fight for us and remove the obstacles from before us.

I do feel that in many of our cases we may do all in our power to help ourselves, BUT, we forget to also rely heavily on God to remove the obstacles that we are unable to from out of our way. There is power in God and His Word, all ready and waiting for those who believe. Anything we do to help ourselves, is only because He gives us the strength to do it, as we can do nothing without Him.


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11 Replies to “Who Will Fight For Us”

  1. And so many times He is fighting for us, removing obstacles and we don’t even see it. I have been in awe of the many things that God can do when “man” says it is impossible. I stand in awe of our LORD and praise His holy, holy, holy name 🙂

  2. Amen, and I believe most times he just empowers us to walk through the hard times, so that when we come through, we know he alone delivered us! That prepares us for the next trial. Romans 5.

    1. Yes, that is so true Barbara. I agree with everything you say, as I know that without Him in my life, I have the power to do absolutely nothing.

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