The fall weather has been pleasant, and it has invited and encourage many to take to the countryside to view the beauty of the changing leaves.


Places that I’ve seen in the spring time, I now revisit in the autumn season.


However, as were out driving, we would often pull to the side of the road, just to get out and take in the beauty around us. A few others seem to have the same idea, and at one of our stops, one may have thought that some special event was taking place on this otherwise lonely country road.

As we drove on, we were surprised to come upon a farmer’s field which was lined with blooming Hollyhocks along its edge.


No one seemed to have dispatched the memo to this particular field, letting it know that it was time for a change. Or perhaps they just decided they were going to live each day to the fullest regardless of what was happening around them. They would drink in the sunshine and whatever nourishment and warmth the earth still had to offer.


The beauty of the field pulled us in, and so we had to stop and take a closer look. There were so many flowers and many differing colors.


Not only were many in full bloom, but new buds could be seen getting ready to burst forth.

Though the pumpkin patches are full which is a sure sign of harvest, the Hollyhocks continue to dare to be different and spread forth their beauty.



We too should dare to be different. No matter how horrible the conditions may be  around us, with God as our Guide, we should strive each day to accept the blessings He has to offer us. It may just be the sunshine or it may just be a refreshing breeze, they may be what we are in need of at the moment.


So while the leaves fall and the coldness of winter approaches, let us depend on God to strengthen us. He leads us in ways that may at first look unfamiliar, but His path is sure to turn up many intangible riches.



Like this field of Hollyhock we should dare to go forward with God regardless of what may be happening all around me.


Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name; Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Psalm 29:2


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4 Replies to “Why We Should Dare To Be Different”

  1. Very beautiful. I love fall also. This is the season where God gives the plants a rest. For me however is a time of great sadness because I’m selfish and I don’t want to let go of them.

    1. Yes, for me too it is also with a bit of regret to see the season pass by. I watched the other day as the birds flew higher and higher and higher, to pick up the wind current that would carry them to other warmer destinations. It was with much sadness that I watch them go. But as the go, I also look forward to the birds (Owls) I know will join us over the winter months—so all is good.

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