Things We Do When Planning A Wedding #Part 1

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Many years ago, most of the weddings took place mainly between the months of June and September. Only a few took place out of those months, but now in the age we live in, you can get married on any given day.

Most of the weddings still probably take place during the summer months, if you live in a cold climate, or you may choose to have a destination wedding where you fly south to a warmer climate, where you can have a wedding any day of the year.

Date Of The Wedding:

Right after the engagement we start thinking of dates for the wedding. In the early stages, if you are like me, you will probably change the dates a number of times. It may have to do with when you can get the time off work, or you may be trying to accommodate family members who would be coming from out of town.

After much thought and sometimes frustration, realizing that you cannot please everyone, you now have to pick a date and stick to it. All the while looking forward to the time when you and your spouse will finally unite at the altar.


Finally we got the date set and now it is time to pick our invitations for that grand day. There are so many designs to choose from, but we can only choose one. After we settle on the right design, we must now apply the proper wording, and we must also decide on the number of invitations that will be needed.

We cannot have everyone at the wedding so we choose those nearest and dearest to us. It is quite unfortunate, but I’m sure every bride has to leave some off your guest list.

Outside wedding ceremony decoration
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Spiritual Wedding Date:

We too as followers of Christ, we are all brides awaiting the time when we will be reunited with our Bridegroom (Jesus.).  However, unlike the earthly wedding, we have no set date or time. We have to be always ready and waiting since we do not know the time when our bridegroom will come, to take us to our everlasting home.

All Are Invited:

Our gracious and loving Jesus Christ, He is our loving and merciful Bridegroom, and there is no limit as to who He has invited to come live with Him. He wants for all of us to be on His guest list, but some of us are showing by the way we live, that we want no part of Him and what He has to offer. He will never force anyone to live with Him and eventually He too will make a final separation as to who will come to His eternal feast, and who won’t be there.

…….and sent out his servants to call those who were invited to the wedding; and they were not willing to come.  Matthew 22:3

Stay tuned for the next few Saturdays as I continue this series on “Things We Do When Planning A Wedding.”



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