God’s Word tells us how

Islands wash away, mountains move

At the end of time


Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. Revelations 6:14

There is no doubt about it; many dark days are ahead. We all know and see this , from the young child to the old person  knows that much hardships are ahead. The scientist knows it from his perspective and the Christian also know it from their perspective.

The one thing that Christians have over every one is “Hope.” We know that whether we live or die, as long as we have been followers of Jehovah; we have the hope of eternally living when Jesus comes to take us home. We know that there is much more to come than what we see right now.


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9 Replies to “Beyond The Darkness The Light Shines”

  1. Amen. We are now seeing islands being washed away and it is not hard to see an earthquake swalling up a great mountain. Thank you for reminding us to be ready.

    1. Yes, so sad to see what is happening, but we also know much more difficulty is ahead before this long dark night is over. We do have to stick close to Jesus always,— always ready for His appearing!!

    1. Things will get much darker that this before He comes. Though the road ahead may not be a bright one, we know how it will all finally end—Jesus will return all in His good time to take His children to eternal living.

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