Grasshopper Among The Greenery

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A Grasshopper blending in quite well with its surroundings.


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17 Replies to “Grasshopper Among The Greenery”

    1. Funny thing is—- it was taken with my cell. I haven’t processed the ones I took with my camera yet.😀😀

      1. Perhaps so. I always say they are a gift from God when they pose for so long—if not I will never be able to get it.

    1. So very true. I hurriedly put this photo on last night, but really wanted to add something to it . Your comment is confirmation that I should have.

  1. I just love your pictures. They look so real that I think I can touch the grasshopper and it would fly away 👍🏿

    1. Thanks so much Clair. That’s what you call getting up close and personal with nature.🦋🌸🌷💐

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