Capturing Beauty In The Rear View Mirror

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Most of the time life is going by so quickly that we need to make each fleeting moment a memorable one. Then when we look back, it would be warming to the heart if we could look back with joy instead of regrets.

Taken in BC

At the beginning of this year my heart yearned for winter to be over, so that I could enjoy the season of spring. When spring would finally come, it still felt like winter. The weather was cool and rainy. Still not ideal for going outside or so I thought.

This is when I decided that whatever the situation, whatever the weather, I would embrace it and I would find some enjoyment in it. No longer would I wait for sunny skies to claim it as a good day. I would embrace the cold, I would embrace the rain. And there was a lot of rain this past spring.

I thank the Lord for bringing to my mind the thought of “Rainy Day Photography.” After that thought, I actually started to enjoy the rain and to look forward to the period when I could go outside and photograph some rain drops. What a delight.


I’m at a place in my life where one would tend to do a lot of looking back, and I have decided that as I approach the age of sixty, I would like to find enjoyment as I go forward. As I look in the rear view mirror, I would also like to see a beautiful reflection behind me. So instead of just celebrating the day of my 60th birthday, I decided that I would celebrate the whole year. And that’s exactly what I did.


Everyone’s idea of enjoyment is different. What I might see as fun and exhilarating could be seen as downright boring to another.

Cardan Alvar

Early spring we headed out to the Cardan Alvar a few times. It’s a great place to see wildlife, like birds, moose and bears apparently. On one of our trips, we met some tourist from the UK and they said the had spotted a black bear. The above image was the state of our car on one of our adventures. It was quite intoxicating, but if you should ask my husband, I’m sure he would say other wise. Somehow for me, I find being in the outdoors to be the medicine I may be in need of.

IMG_5693 Eastern Blue Bird copy
Blue Bird with worm

As spring progressed it would be time to see the cherry blossoms, but because of all the rain, they would be delayed for a week. Oh, and I forgot to mention the Easter Play Dead Man Walking that I took part in. It’s a play that my husband wrote, and I had the smallest of parts by choice. That was a big role for me,(though very small) as it brought me out of my comfort zone.


Finally the cherry blossoms did bloom. I vowed this year not to put things off, but make an effort to see things through to the end. It would work out in most cases, but not all.

Sometime after the  Cherry Blossoms we made our first attempt to see the fields of lavender. While the fields was once again delayed because of the rain, we still had a wonderful time of enjoying each others company.

I think that is was a little bit before this that Tina and I would go for a walk through the woods and because of the rain, the fish were practically swimming in the woods instead of the marsh.

The two of us would also take part in our Vacation Bible School at church. It was a joy to hear the stories of the little ones, and with much laughter at times to hear the thoughts that occupied their minds. We also got the chance to be like little kids again.

Once more we made an attempt to visit another lavender field, and this time we were in luck, as the fields were in full bloom. We spent a few hours there and the time was well spent. Very soothing and relaxing.

A few weeks after the lavender farm I would travel to Montreal and Quebec City with my sister. Part of the time we spent with other family members, and what a joy that was.

Well I cant forget camping, and our unforgettable time in the Great Canadian Outdoors 

I look forward to another camping adventure, God willing next year.  These were a few of the things I did this summer, all with celebrating my 60th birthday in mind.

The below photos were taken at Burlington Botanical Garden, another place where we visited.

My hubby and I would also visit Boldt Castle on Heart Island, and on the same day we also visited Fort Henry.

Fort Henry—This one was really for my hubby, as he is the history buff.

No as the sun sets and there is a chill in the air, we are nearing the end of summer for sure. I am also leaving the fifties behind, but I look forward to my sixties with joy. I thank God for each and every day He gives to me, and I’m thankful for the beautiful year He has given to me thus far.


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14 Replies to “Capturing Beauty In The Rear View Mirror”

  1. A year well spent Leola. Thank you for inviting me on some of your adventures. They were times of discovery and beauty.

    1. I’m so glad that you were able to come and enjoy some of these adventures with me. I also look forward to making many more discoveries in the near future.🌷🌸🦋💐

    1. Thanks Heather, you’re right on time…. it was today. I’m feeling very blessed.🙏🏾🙏🏾🦋🦋🌸🌸

  2. Leola, you possess and follow a great philosophy as you embrace life and all of its precious moments.

    Being 63, I can attest to the fact that the best of times are yet to be discovered.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It took me a long time of “wandering through the wilderness” to get to this place in my life. And just like you, I believe that as long as I keep leaning on God and allowing Him to carry me, that there will be much more beauty to be discovered.🌸🦋🌷

    1. Yes, so much can happen in our lives, and a lot of times it may be the ugly and negative things that we keep looking back on and allowing them to pull us down. So since I’ve given ALL my ugliness to God—as He knows it anyway, I want to build on beautiful memories only as I go forward, so that when I look back, they will be all that I see. Thank you also for your king words.

      1. Yes, I love that Scripture and try to apply it to my life as much as possible.

  3. Always a wonderful thing to look forward. To what will, what can be, what is to come. With God’s love ever before our heart, wherever His love leads… it a blessed heart for sure! May His love, be that blessed assurance! Blessings!

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