How I Know There’s Still Goodness Left

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This past weekend I got the opportunity to go to the Royal Botanical Gardens with some friends. It was a lovely summer day, not too hot neither was it too cool. It was truly a pleasant day.

I thank God that everything turned out as it did, because things could have gone very wrong. We all bought our tickets on line. I was the first to purchase two, one for me and the other for my husband. Some of the others were still trying to make up their minds, waiting to see what the weather would be like. However the forecast was great and we were all set to go.


My poor dear hubby. We joked that once again here he was driving the Miss Daises around. So I got my phone out, pulled up Google maps, and off we went, heading in the direction of RBG {Royal Botanical Gardens.} Of course these maps can tend to lead you a bit off at times, and that is what happened. My phone was close to losing power, but I wasn’t too worried that I had forgotten my charger, because there were others in the car who had cell phones.


Just as we arrived in the parking lot of RBG and my phone was handed to me, I grabbed it quickly and turned it off before it completely lost power. It was only then that I  remembered that all the information for the tickets I purchased was on the phone. However, when I turned the phone back on it was dead—no power at all. Just lovely—now what to do, and no one had the charger that I needed.

The girls wanted to help by letting me sign into my email on their phones, but that was no good to me, as I have so many passwords and none of them I too easily remember, and they are all written in a book which I did not have with me.


When it was my turn to go up I explained to the young girl what had happened. She said that was not a problem, she could still check for my name on the list. So she picked up her phone and that’s what she did. No luck, she could not find my last name. She then asked for my first name, and I gave that to her. No luck at all. I could not believe it. How is that possible. The fumy thing was, I didn’t want to lose the information on my phone, so I had it saved in three different places, but now here I was in a quandary.

I really did expect the worse. I thought she might make me pay again or something negative, but she stamped my hand just like the others, said she believed me, or something like that and told me to go enjoy the gardens. I was very grateful for her kindness in believing me, as in this age in which we live, we get so use to negative outcomes.

I am very grateful for the positive outcome and that someone actually trusted me when I was speaking the truth. So there is still some goodness and good people left in this world we live in.

I must say The gardens were very beautiful, and a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. The staff of course was very friendly and very accommodating. If you ever get a chance, it’s a wonderful place to go visit. No only do they have the gardens but there are also peaceful trails, with benches in may areas where you can sit and relax.

It was truly a wonderful time out spent with friends.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; Proverbs 3:5



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16 Replies to “How I Know There’s Still Goodness Left”

    1. Thank you so much—I was so happy to get that opportunity. Thank God for His goodness and trust.

    1. Yes, I was truly amazed at how she handled the situation. Even after she stamped my hand I was still trying to let her know—“I’m really telling you the truth.” She just said, “Yes, yes—I believe you.” Perhaps she may have been another Christian with such a gentle spirit. Thank you Stuart, I had a lovely day in the garden. God is good.

    1. I feel so alive and wonderful when I’m out in nature. I truly do benefit from the healing properties of nature.

    1. Yes, this is so true. I knew that I was telling her the truth, so I am so happy that she did believe me without me having to plead my case over and over.

    1. Yes,—thanks. Everything turned out wonderfully. I’m still sort of puzzled as to why my name would not show up on her list confirming that I purchased two tickets!!

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