Has migration season started early this year for the Cormorants? And if so why…I wonder?

This tree is sitting right on the banks of Lake Ontario and as you can see it is filled with Cormorants. This is one of the last stops birds make before heading south for the winter. Apparently they usually migrate in October and November, so perhaps they may stay at this marsh and feed for the next month or so, or they are getting ready to leave early.


If you think that the tree looks whitish instead of green, you are correct. The Cormorants eventually kill the trees where they roost, with all the droppings from their fecal matter.

One thing we can see from this photo, is that they have come together, so that they may take the long journey together.


Each year the population of Cormorants seems to grow, and what I’m also noticing is that each year there seems to be more and more trees that are dying along the edge of the lake. Actually there are many trees you cannot see in the photo because they have fallen down.

If you look in the bottom right corner of the photo, you can see one of those fallen trees.


The Durham Region has many locations for bird watching and photography opportunities. If you are a visitor to Toronto and looking for a place to see birds be sure to check out the Durham Region.


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    1. Yes, here we see them in the water and in the trees—slowly killing them. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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