Well I think I have come to the conclusion of my Quebec series. I may still put a few more pictures on from Quebec, but they will be under different headings. Thanks for reading and for letting me know that you were enjoying the series. I will respond to all comments if I haven’t at this time.

Morrin Cultural Center:


This is the Morrin Cultural Center. Though it is now a library, it was once a jail.


These are some of the images that could be seen on the outer wall of the building.




On the wall is the phrase; Nous sommes un peuple. This phrase in English means: We are a self-governing people. This building is over 200 years old, so that means that Quebec was always wanting to separate. Though unique, I hope that from the east of Canada to the very west, Canada will always remain as one.


This was the very first jail in Quebec, and it had to be a very small and cramped place as it’s very small on the inside of the library now.



It would have been awesome to be able to walk up the stairs and get the view from above, but we were not allowed to go up.

So this will conclude my series on Quebec.


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