At First Crawling But Now Free To Fly

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Looking at this beautiful butterfly brings back memories of Vacation Bible School.

When the children were asked about butterflies they seem to know that the butterflies were caterpillars before they became butterflies. However, there was disdain in the sound of their voices. “Ooh, caterpillars are ugly and they are yucky, but butterflies are beautiful.”

They did not seem to comprehend the transformation stage, or perhaps it didn’t matter. Even as we grow older, we still want to take the beautiful parts from life without going through the transformation stage. We do not like the feeling of the refining.


I had an abundance of butterflies in my backyard this year only because I provided them with a treat. I don’t think I will repeat this next year though, as the yard became very wild and messy looking. The treat I provided was the Milkweed plant.


Not only did the butterflies get to feast on the Milkweed, but they also had the Globe Thistle and Meadow-sweet at their disposal.



Butterfly on Meadow-sweet.


These beautiful creatures will soon be taking the long journey south, many never to return this way again. While they have paved a way for others so that they may live, they fly south, still spreading their beauty as they go only to end their journey there.

How many of us, if we knew the future before us would not have a good outcome, would still go forward spreading our beauty!!

A few years ago I got to witness the butterflies as they prepared themselves for the long journey south. They did not take the journey solo, but they came together as a group to take the long journey across the lake.

Apparently they wait for the winds to change, and when the winds become more favorable, they will allow the wind to carry them in the direction they want to go, thus using less energy.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6



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