Before moving on to Quebec City, we would spend more time photographing the streets of Montreal. We found the people to be mostly friendly, and of course we also need to remind ourselves of the world that we live in, and there will never be the perfect situation.



Right below the rooster you can see parked cars. This is the parking lot we pulled into. There was a man standing in it and he directed my sister who who was driving, to a particular parking space. The space was right beside a wall, so I exited the car to let her park properly, also the night before she had paid for the parking, so I decided to take this turn and pay.

Jacques Cartier Bridge

On stepping out of the car, the man approached me asking how long we would be staying. The parking was $6 for and hour, and since I wasn’t sure how long we would be staying I decided to pay him for 2 hours. Somehow as I spoke to him asking him questions things were not making sense to me, but besides my better judgement, I reached into my handbag, taking wallet in hand and I paid him $12 for two hours. Even as I was handing him the money I sensed something was wrong, yet I handed it over.


I then watched him walk away to see if he would go into the little hut in the parking lot where the workers would sit. He did walked up to the hut, but he kept right on walking—into the crowded Montreal streets. Then I knew for sure I was scammed. It could have turned out much worse, so I am thankful to God for keeping me safe through that deceptive exchange. We later realized that no one was in the hut, but there were machines where we had to pay for our parking.


Looking back at the Old Port from the other side of the water.

The Old Port Of Montreal

Montreal skyline




Habitat 67, the building above, is supposedly on of the most recognized buildings in Montreal.

giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Ephesians 5:20 NKJV


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9 Replies to “Road Trip To Montreal #6”

    1. Yes, that’s what we said—perhaps he needed the money badly for food. Thanks Michelle.

    1. Very true—they could of have a weapon or could have taken my purse, so I am very thankful. Thank you in regards to the photos.

  1. Montreal looks like an amazing place to explore and photograph! There are plenty of parking scammers in Europe too so it’s always a good idea to be wary when road tripping trough bigger cities

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