Experiencing The Great Canadian Outdoors Part 6

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With our Painting lesson over, the men went deeper into the woods in hopes of obtaining furniture to seat our guests. Someone suggested it had to come from Leons, while another said, No, not Leons, but Lyons. If you are a Canadian living in Canada, you know of the humorous commercial referring to Leons as Lyons (with a French accent.)

Another suggestion was to completely forget Lyons, the furniture should be from Ashleys Furniture. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the seating, but when anyone attempted to sit on it, they tumbled to the ground.


I must say in defense of Leons Funiture, I have many pieces from Leons Furniture and they not only do they hold up quite well, but the prices were also right.

Someone spotted the boat in the distance, so I ran down to the beach with camera in hand.


Yes, there they were speeding in our direction.


I can see my brave hubby front left and Julie holding on to her hat—that’s Richards wife. Pam is the one with camera in hand and she is the one that prepared most of our meal along with Julie’s help.


We spent the next few hours eating and socializing. They also brought there own furnishings to sit on, and the furnishings looked like it was from Decorium Furniture.


The weather was still looking like rain so every once in a while we had to run into our tents and that gave us more of a chance to share stories and spend most of the afternoon laughing.


All in all it was a lovely Saturday afternoon.


All weekend my eyes were drawn to these evergreen trees and just how they were lined up. Finally I knew what I could use them for—to take pictures.



The time went by so quickly and soon it was time for our guests—our family to leave again. We took some group pictures and even the speed boat driver wanted to have his picture taken with us. Fun, fun, fun.




Then it was time for them to leave.



Later that evening we sat down by the beach and watch the sun go down.



After sunset we sat around the campfire, chatting and sharing stories and making closer friendships, while watching the stars fill the sky.




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