The church below is the Notre-Dame Basilica and it is located in Old Montreal. It’s quite a spectacular church inside and out.

On the inside I didn’t see any signs asking to be quiet, but everyone who walked through was unusually quiet or speaking in very hushed tones.

Notre Dame

Beautiful tunes were being played upstairs on the organ.


A little bit of the ceiling is being shown here.


One of the many columns that stand within the church.


This is located across the street from the Basilica.


The two statues below were to be a representation as to how the French and English feel about each other. They are located just across the street from the Basilica.




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2 Replies to “Road Trip To Montreal #5”

  1. Awesome Leola! This is one of the many sites visited as a young boy with my parents. Incredible memories of a place that has recorded so many miracles of God. As beautiful as your pictures are they cannot do justice to the beauty of the architecture the craftsman fashioned.

    1. Very true—especially on the inside. It was beautiful, but very difficult lighting to work with.

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