Experiencing The Great Canadian Outdoors Part 5

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Annie’s Bay Summer Class / August 2019

Taught by Master Painter: Richard Jules

Under the direction and ever so watchful eye of Master Painter: Richard Jules, the paintings you see below, were created.

Good Roots: Painted By Chris

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Tranquility: Painted By Karen–no photo available


River Rocks: Painted By Leola


Before The Storm: Painted By Melinda

The weather certainly is changing—look how we are all bundled up in August.


My Tent: Painted By Paul—no photo available


Nite Sky: Painted By Master Painter Richard Jules—no photo available

9f05a4bb-d8d4-420d-8820-a6692e08d1d5.JPG fineartamerica.com

Nestled In The Midst: Painted By Patrice

I must say that I was quite impress watching Patrice paint. She was a real self-starter,and she painted like she knew what she was doing. She also got high compliments from the Master Painter.


Photo Credit: Richard Jules & Patrice

Sub Heading – Annie’s Bay Summer Class: Paul



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