Experiencing The Great Canadian Outdoors Part 4

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After The Storm

The storms of yesterday are now all pass. It’s now early Saturday morning, it’s a new day, a day filled with much hope. Even the waters shows a quietness and calmness first thing this morning. “Perhaps today will be a better day where the weather is concerned.” This was my thought as I looked out from Annie’s Bay toward what looked like a cross in the sky.


Mist On The Water

The fresh air is still very cool and mist can be seen over the water. Our camp site remained quiet, as no one was up at this time.

On this day we would be having quests for lunch, and we were all quite elated knowing we won’t have to worry about cooking.


These photos were taken with my cell phone, as my camera battery was getting quite low.


The stillness of the morning was often broken by the call of the loon and other animals which I didn’t recognize.


Speaking of food; after we finished eating last night we had to gather all our food and sorted them out. All dry food went in a long yellow bag which Richard provided. The foods that needed to be kept cook stayed in the cooler bags, then the men took them quite a ways from our campsite and they hung them high in the trees, this was to keep them safe from the animals, and if the animals did get to them—it would not be near our campsite.

Some time has now passed and almost everyone is up. The bags which were so securely tied up will have to be taken down so we can have our breakfast. Richard and Chris were at the helm and us ladies decided to follow.

I was just along to document the undertakings.

In the above picture we see the yellow bag high in the tree where it spent the night.

Below: Mission accomplish. Richard and Karen has the bag in their possession.


An soon our other bags will also be secured.

When Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

IMG_5291a.jpgOh, but wait—there’s another bag. I wonder where it came from and who does it belong to, and what is Richard doing? Who is peeking out from behind the evergreen tree? Why it looks like Patrice. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I wonder what this photo is saying. Perhaps it could be of worth to some one.


Yet again this picture shows many things. I can see a blue cooler bag in among the evergreens. I see Richard bending over and he now seems to be hoisting the bag back up in the air. I see a white stripe on someone’s pant—looks like Chris is close by Richard. Here in the foreground Patrice is giving Karen a helping hand.

IMG_5295a.jpgPictures do tell tales. They maybe wearing hats and hoods, but they are all recognizable to me. Once again I take note that Patrice tries to shield herself behind an evergreen branch.

With all food now secure, we are ready to start another day. Before our guest arrives our Master Painter (Richard Jules) will have us choose a scene and paint it.

Another odd thing that happened on the Saturday morning is that somehow we each had a newspaper delivered to our tent. Each one of us found it sitting outside our tent door.


I have no pictures to tell this tale, but I do believe that someone in our group may be a prankster.

A merry heart does good, like medicine,—- Proverbs 17:22 NKJV


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