It’s always nice to spend some time in a garden, and it’s difficult for me to do so without wanting to linger.


This is the Botanical Gardens in Montreal. It was a very sunny hot day, so our walk through the garden was very slow.


The garden was quite colorful, and they did provide lots of places where we could recline for a moment or two.


There was a line up at times so that many could get a photo or two while standing at this arch.


I was quite surprise to come upon a vegetable section.


There was kale of differing colors.


There was cabbageIMG_0440a.jpg

More kale

After quite sometime we moved to another section of the garden which was the Chinese Garden.


I was quite taken by the beautiful greens and blue in the water. The pictures do not relay what was seen with the eyes.


It was truly a beautiful place to spend some time. You can see a part of the Olympic Stadium peeking out from behind the trees.


Jesus also loved lingering in gardens.

The Prayer in the Garden ] Then Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane, and said to the disciples, “Sit here while I go and pray over there.”Matthew 26:36 NKJV


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14 Replies to “Road Trip To Montreal #4”

      1. Your wonderful photos of the garden inspired me to immediately write a poem. I plan to post it later today. May I link the poem back to your Botanical Garden post?

  1. Leola, thanks again for allowing me to link to this post. You can be looking for the poem “Heavenly Tranquility.” Your photography and narrative inspired me to write a poem, which I hope you and others will enjoy.

    1. I knew I would love whatever you wrote bigskybuckeye. I was just gong through my email and read the poem. I loved every word of it, and some words were so true and very touching. Thank you so much and I’m also so touched that one of my photos inspired you to write it.

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